Jun 20 2018

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Keep your kitchen waste under control with a smartly designed receptacle

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Kitchen bin

We’ll have your refuse sorted out in no time with our round-up of best kitchen bins. Whether you want the bin to be purse-friendly, innovative, space-saving or to help with recycling, we have something for everyone.

1. Lakeland Slimline Pedal Bin: £69.99, Lakeland

Kitchen bin

This is a Tardis of a bin, slotting neatly into tiny spaces (which makes it great for smaller kitchens), yet the 20 litre capacity means you can fill half a black dustbin sack before it needs emptying. It looks smart, staying shiny for years on end, and the lifting mechanism works a treat.

Kitchen bin

Just as we thought no more products could be ‘Orla Kiely-ed’, this bin hit the shops – and there’s a white version available too. It’s not a case of style over substance, though, with a light pedal operation and silently closing lid, which can also be kept open when needed. There’s a removable plastic inner bucket and it’s easy to keep clean.

3. Charles Bentley 45L Recycle Pedal Bin: £46.99, Robert Dyas

Kitchen bin

Three recycling bins in one. What’s more, each one can be operated and emptied independently, thanks to separate pedals, each of which is colour coded in case you forget what goes where. The stainless steel and black finish gives it a classic look and it’s half the price of similar bins from other manufacturers.

4. Joseph Joseph Totem 60L: £249, JosephJoseph

Kitchen bin

There’s a wealth of recycling options hidden within this neat silver box on wheels. The general waste goes in the removable inner bucket at the top – which, by the way, has nifty features to keep the bag secure, eliminate odours and to make sure even full bags can be removed with ease. A multi-purpose drawer sits at the base, with a removable divider, and there’s a removable food waste caddy too.

5. OXO Compost Caddy: £15, John Lewis

Kitchen bin

Compost caddies, which can be kept on the countertop, are one of the easiest ways of saving food scraps ready to go to an outdoor composter or recycle bin. This one looks good, with a handy flip-up lid that can be operated with one hand – great for when you need the other hand to scrape food off the plate. The robust handle means it’s easy to carry, even when bursting at the seams.

6. John Lewis Croft Collection Kitchen Bin: £45, John Lewis

Kitchen bin

This is ideal for those who prefer a traditional look to their bin, but with a bit of softness thrown in the mix. We think it works in both country and modern kitchens and it can be used for either rubbish or recycling. It’s easy to keep clean and it’s reassuringly heavy, without being a backbreaker to lift.

7. Swan Retro Sensor Bin: £64.99, Argos

Kitchen bin

What’s not to like about a sensor bin? You merely have to wave your hand (or your rubbish) anywhere between 5-15cm away from the sensor and open sesame. This is all made possible by the inconspicuous battery compartment and there’s an on/off switch too. This one is available in three colours, all of which have a huge range of matching kitchen accessories, ranging from kettles to microwaves.

8. Wesco Pushboy Bin: £99.99, Lakeland

Kitchen bin

Add a touch of retro-looking, American style bin – or, should we say, trashcan? It’s available in nine different colours – many of them funky – and it’s a decent size, with a steel push lid that automatically closes to keep stinky rubbish out of sight. The lift-out inner bucket means you can put out your refuse in super-quick time.

9. Simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Bin: £169.99, Simplehuman

Kitchen bin

The words ‘bin’ and ‘pretty’ don’t usually appear in the same sentence, but this rose gold unit breaks the mould with its smooth lines and pink finish. The motion sensor is the best we tried and it’s extremely quiet – so no banging about when you’re chucking away the remnants of that late-night kebab. We love the inner pocket for storing liners, which are custom-made so fit like a glove.

10. Homebase Swing and Lift Bin: £7.74, Homebase

Kitchen bin

Nobody is suggesting this is on par with others in this round-up in terms of looks, innovation or durability. But it’s a great bargain for a no-nonsense, no-frills rubbish bin that fits a lot of waste. So much so that it’s practically crying out to be bought by students, people on a very tight budget or as a second bin, perhaps in the garage.

You don’t even have to touch the Simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Bin for it to open, thanks to the advanced sensor – and it’s attractive too. We were also impressed with the Lakleland Slimline Kitchen Waste Pedal Bin – a godsend for small spaces.

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