May 18 2018

15 Ways to Update Your Kitchen with Paint, kitchen paint.#Kitchen #paint

Update Your Kitchen with Paint

With the primers and paints available now, it’s easy to transform a dowdy, outdated kitchen top to bottom. From the cabinets to the floor, find colorful ideas to revive your kitchen with paint.

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Paint Cabinet Interiors

Add a pop of color to plain cabinets by painting the interiors a striking color. Here, chartreuse green picks up on the yellow undertones of the warm white cabinets for a well-blended but eye-catching look.

The Fifth Wall

Normally left white, the ceiling is a perfect place to add color in a kitchen where most of the wall space is taken by cabinets. A soft blue gives the illusion of being outdoors in this pretty kitchen.

Create Drama with Contrasts

Take painting cabinets to the next level by using contrasting colors. Here, a creamy taupe on the lower cabinets grounds the kitchen, while a lighter, warm white on the uppers keeps the look airy.

Painting Cabinets 101

Learn how to paint your cabinets and get pro-quality results.

Painted Backsplash

Jazz up your backsplash with painted beaded board. In this cozy cottage kitchen, the beaded board was installed horizontally for a fresh spin.

Painted Stools

If you like the shape of your stools, but don’t love the color, customize them! These metal stools were nice, but a fresh coat of glossy red paint gives them — and the kitchen — tons of personality.

Paint Anything!

Discover tips for all of the ways paint can make over your room!

End Island Monotony

If you’re not keen on applying color to all of your cabinets, stick with just the island. To make it look like you gave your kitchen a full makeover, use the island color in a few new accessories, too, such as a rug, window treatment, or dishware to display.

Put Color Underfoot

Painting a wooden floor with cool color and stencils can change the entire atmosphere of the kitchen. Before committing to a color, test it on a large piece of foam-core board. Place the board on the floor to see how the color works with the cabinetry and affects the sense of space in the room. (A dark navy, for example, could have made this kitchen feel smaller, but this medium shade adds interest without constricting the space.)

Prepare the floor by cleaning it with a high-strength household cleaner and roughening the surface with 150-grit sandpaper. For a stenciled floor, apply a high-quality primer, and use standard latex paint for both the background color and the stencil design. Protect the treatment with several coats of clear polyurethane. You’ll need to reapply polyurethane every year or two to keep the painted finish in good shape.

Painted-Floor Tips

Decide if your wood floor is a prime candidate for painting with these tips and insights.

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