Feb 27 2018

24 Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas – Easy Storage Solutions for Kitchens, kitchen storage.#Kitchen #storage

24 Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Make the most of what you’ve got.

If you can’t bring yourself to Kondo the kitchen, it’s time to trick out the cabinets, drawers and island with a few space-saving ideas. Rethink the little nooks and niches and you’ll have counter space for days.

No matter the size of the kitchen, every inch matters when it comes to storage. In Juan Carretero’s sophisticated kitchen, a simple shelf above the window increases display space for plates, bowls, art and objets d’art.

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An awkward corner can be maximized by assigning it a function. In the case of the Tennessee farm designed by Barbara Westbrook, a small space became a wet bar. Glass shelving, tucked underneath the cabinets, gives you a space to stow glassware and since the glasses match the shelf, the effect is nearly invisible.

This bright and open farmhouse-inspired kitchen by Eliza Dyson might be unexpected in a Park Avenue apartment. But, the style is a tribute to the upstate New York kitchen in the home where the designer grew up. The on-the-wall plate rack and pot racks show off Eliza’s collections while also keeping these items out of the way.

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Floating shelves on either side of the window in this Seattle kitchen by Kelie Grosso offer space for dishes and glassware. Don’t worry if you only have a small amount of wall space to work with: Kelie added petite shelves on the right side of the window (which had less wall space than the left).

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Don’t limit storage to areas within arms’ reach. Designer Katie Ridder opted for a sliding ladder to reach ceiling-height cabinets, which are perfect for that bread maker you never use.

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