May 29 2018

32 Best Kitchen Gifts for Christmas – Fun Ideas for Cooking Gifts, kitchen gifts.#Kitchen #gifts

37 Kitchen Gifts to Give Your Favorite Foodie

The latest gadgets to make cooking more fun than ever.

These are the picks a pro (or soon-to-be-pro) home chef needs the most. Equip your own kitchen with these essential supplies while you’re at it!

This handcrafted, stoneware strainer has a built-in drip catcher and spout to make it easy to clean your fruit. After washing, you can keep it stored in the stylish container.

Indulge your loved one’s inner geek and sweet tooth with this plate, which says “i eight sum pi” via a math equation.

Seasoned cooks know there’s nothing more flavorful and satisfying than fresh herbs. Good thing these scissors make the chopping experience faster and hassle-free.

A husband-and-wife team in Maryland is behind these beautiful cutting boards that you can get personalized to make your giftee’s prep work way more stylish.

If avocado toast is your friend’s favorite breakfast, get her this three-in-one tool that splits, pits and slices avocados. Genius.

This clever tool lets you bring new life to some of the most common cooking ingredients. Just add items like garlic or herbs to the cup, grind, give the container a few shakes and you’ve for the perfect dressing.

Nothing is more satisfying than spreading homemade butter on a freshly-baked roll, or at least we imagine that’s what your foodie friend will say after receiving this charming gift.

Here’s the secret to perfectly thin (i.e. perfectly crispy) cookies. This customizable rolling pin uses slip-on rings to flatten dough to the exact millimeter.

Cooking sous-vide isn’t just for gourmet chefs. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity (seriously!), this smartphone-controlled wand heats water to a precise temperature, even if you’re sitting on the couch.

Instead of the hammer-and-crush motion of a Western mortar and pestle, this set was inspired by traditional Chinese tea grinders. How lovely.

Let your friend have her cake and her cookies too with these birthday cake-flavored bites. Don’t miss the other yummy options on the menu, like Key Lime Sublimes and Gluten-Free Jackie Os!

Yes, you could get that novelty set but these precise salt and pepper mills do a neat trick. Adjust the bottom dial to select an exact grain size, avoiding any over-seasoned surprises.

This dish has a rough center so you can grate your cloves of fresh garlic over it, then pour olive oil on top, just like they do in the Mediterranean.

Health nuts, this one’s for you. Cuisinart’s family size-steamer circulates heat from the top down for more evenly-cooked veggies, fish and meat.

This handmade knife can do it all, including chop up herbs, pizza crust or just about anything else in the kitchen. Even better: It’s untraditional shape will serve as the ultimate conversation starter.

Jayson Home’s quarry cups feature a swirling pattern of metamorphic rocks and can be used to serve tea or as a chic tealight candle holder.

The backyard BBQ just came indoors. Get charred burgers, dogs or even grilled pineapple in the middle of winter on this countertop cooker. Bonus: The nonstick griddle cleans much faster than the traditional grate.

If they’re short on precious countertop space, help ’em win back some elbow room with the shrunk-down KitchenAid stand mixer. And with 10 covetable colors, what’s not to love?

Yes, it is possible to enjoy a morning cup of coffee even more with a mug this cheery and bright, of course.

The PC8-Precision Stovetop Pressure Cooker by All-Clad has four programmable settings (including ones for grains and seafood), a pot for searing and a smart timer on the interlocking lid all of which help put dinner on the table posthaste. Under pressure? This cooks a four-pound chicken in less than 25 minutes.

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