Sep 30 2017

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En lørdag i Kgs. Lyngby, i selskab med 35 talere. der kommer med massiv viden på hver deres område, for kun en plovmand. Det lyder næste for godt til at være sandt men det er det ikke, og faktisk er det ikke kun om lørdagen der sker ting og sager.

Her er et lille udsnit af de indlæg der vil være at vælge imellem:

  • Keynote: 30 terrible habits of Cloud Administrators (Orin Thomas )
  • Using Machine Learning and Chatbots to handle 1st line technical support (Barbara Fusinska )
  • Secure DevOps with Azure Resource Manager (Ryan Jones )
  • Azure Automation Advanced Runbook Design (Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen )
  • IoT with Azure (Mark Rud Christensen )
  • osv

Kendra Little (b|l|t) is hosting this months TSQL2SDAY which is on the topic of: TSQL Tuesday #93: Interviewing Patterns Anti-Patterns What advice do you have for people preparing for or going through an interview? I got of to a late start, and I apologize in advance for what may be a bit messy blog [ ]

This fall is going to be my most busy so far, in terms of speaking. I have been accepted for SqlSaturday in Oslo where I am going to be talking about BI DevOps, which I am really stoked about. Supposedly our Northern neighbors are to host one h of a SqlSaturday. I hosted a session [ ]

This coming Saturday I will be speaking at the SqlSaturday event in Dublin, Ireland. My session will be evolving around Azure IoT Hub, a Raspberry Pi3 device running the latest Windows 10 Core operating system. So if you want to know more about the options for Internet of Things in Azure. If you are in the [ ]

Today Yesterday I was distinguished by Microsoft, as I received an mail in which they awarded me with a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. It was one of those moments that ll stick with you for a lifetime. I am truly honored and very, very excited about the days to come in this new role. As far as [ ]

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