Nov 28 2017

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Farm Tables

Our farm tables have the distinction of being handcrafted to fit any style taste, living space, and function. Our selection of farm tables are available in many different sizes and shapes, and can be made from reclaimed wood, anchor chains, old barn doors, or anything else salvaged by the Architecturologists of Olde Good Things. Our customized tables are in demand because our craftsmanship is excellent and our materials are only the highest quality. Our tables begin as planks of wood salvaged from building that have been standing for 100 years. These buildings include historic brownstones and commercial buildings in New York City. Because the buildings are being demolished, we are saving wood from the landfill. We look for wood that is the right size and species for our tables.

Our customized tables are popular furniture pieces because the handmade farm tables are customizable by length, height, width, and style. Our customers can customize every aspect of the table; shape, wood type, color of the stain, legs, and textures. Choose from oval, round, square, rectangle, and even “L” shaped tables. Farms tables can be made using reclaimed oak, maple, or pine and finished in rustic, semi-rustic, or smooth textures. The choice of table legs will depend on customer’s taste. For a more industrial look, customers can choose table legs of wrought iron or steel. For a nautical theme, customers can choose table legs made of salvaged anchor chains. For the traditionalist, the table legs can be made of the same wood as the table top – or they can choose to use a different type of wood, different texture, and even different stain color to create an accent that will be a conversation starter at dinner parties.

You can choose to customize your own farm table, or you can choose from our large and diverse selection of premade tables. With everything from picnic style tables to coffee tables to utility tables to dining room tables, there are plenty of gorgeous farm tables to choose from, and all of them are made with the highest quality – which is something you should expect from the craftsmen at Olde Good Things.

Click through our online inventory of handcrafted farm tables, or visit one of our many locations to see them for yourself.


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