Sep 30 2017

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An industry leader in Collision Repair software.

Track profit on jobs and work providers with ease

Interfaces with leading insurance companies

Fast and accurate digital estimating

Welcome to Mike Jepson Ltd

Hello, I m Mike Jepson and I am responsible for Auto-Quote in New Zealand. I have been involved in the Accident Repair industry both in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom for over 25 years. Auto-Quote has been my management system of choice throughout the years and is preferred by over 4,000 repairers worldwide. I had a direct role in Auto-Quote adopting MoneyWorks as Auto-Quote s preferred accounting software and I am delighted that it has in turn become the industry accounting standard in New Zealand.

Our company has certified Auto-Quote and MoneyWorks personnel to assist in all areas of expertise.

Products Services

  • Auto-Quote Estimating and Business Management Software
  • Auto-Quote Vehicle Parts Database
  • Auto-Quote Imaging Software
  • Auto-Quote Time Clock
  • Auto-Quote Insurance Link Software Pnet
  • Auto-Quote Software Link to Partstrader
  • Auto-Quote Software Link to Apart
  • Auto-Quote Software Link to Planning Plus and Numbers Plus
  • Auto-Quote Software Support
  • MoneyWorks Accounting Software
  • MoneyWorks Software Support
  • In House Training Systems Review

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