Aug 15 2017

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#kitchen base cabinets


The following images are highlighted with dimensions showing available depth and height. Cabinet codes listed below each image represent the variations in size within each unit. The first two numbers in each Cabinet Code represent the width of the cabinet, the second two numbers represent the height. You may want to record each cabinet code you need as you continue through our Cabinet Selection pages. When you are ready to request a quote, visit our Quoting Information page for instructions.

Single Door, 1 Drawer

  • flush toe with Roman Arch shape not available on 12 wide cabinets

Double Door, 1 Drawer

Double Door, 2 Drawer

Double Butt Doors, 1 Drawer





Double Butt Doors, 2 Drawers

  • drawer front will not line up with doors in center

Sink Base, Single Door, 1 Drawer

  • false drawer front
  • no drawer parts or shelves with sink unit

Sink Base, Double Door, 1 Drawer Front

  • false drawer front
  • no drawer parts or shelves with sink unit

Lazy Susan

  • 18 deep sides used on 30 BLS
  • 24 deep sides used on 33 and 36 BLS
  • minimum entry opening width required is 35 (doorways, hallways, etc.)
  • BLS3034.5 or BLS3334.5 can be used where entry opening widths are limited
  • Optional loose toe platform is available for BLS3634.5
  • 30 and 36 units require 36 of wall space. 33 unit requires 33 of wall space.
  • optional kidney REV-A-SHELF Susan available
  • optional Soss hinges available
  • shelf standard
  • 30 and 33 units use a 24 Susan. 36 unit uses a 32 Susan.

BLS3034.5N • BLS3334.5N • BLS3634.5N

Double Entry, 4 Door

Double Entry, Butt Doors, 4 Doors

Double Entry, 2 Door

Angle End

  • Two 15 wide openings
  • 1-13/16 wide stiles outside
  • 1-5/8 stiles inside

End Angle Left (or right)

  • left shown
  • 5/4 thick front frame
  • 1-15/16 stile face width
  • flush end available on 12-1/2 deep side
  • exposed end available on 24 deep side

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