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A Belfast sink will add a touch of class to your kitchen

The traditional Belfast kitchen sink has been around for centuries and its sturdy, heavy and robust ceramic structure appeals greatly in these days of cheap and lightweight alternatives made of plastic and other lesser materials. It has been a popular style of sink in British kitchens since Victorian times.

These durable sinks are truly elegant in style and very traditional in appearance and make a wonderfully stylish addition to any kitchen – once you own one. you ll never want to go back to a cheap and lightweight plastic or galvanised sink found in so many homes these days.

Originating as early as the late 17th century, the Belfast kitchen sink has graced UK homes since the Victorian era when it was used by butlers in a utility room or kitchen to wash the household crystal and decanters.

After falling out of fashion in the seventies and eighties, many Belfast sinks were ripped out in favour or stainless steel or acrylic sinks – most of which have long since fallen apart. The delightful Belfast- style sink has thankfully made a well deserved comeback and creates a focal point in many modern, fitted kitchens.

Your sink is one of the most used features in your kitchen – it gets put through its paces all year round by every member of the family – for food preparation, washing dishes, rinsing fruit and vegetables, preparing drinks any many other activities – so it s important to buy a sink that will stand the test of time and keep its appearance.

This charming style of sink – sometimes referred to as a Butler sink – is the ideal choice for all your needs and can feature in a bathroom as well as a kitchen.

We feature some very desirable top quality undermounted sinks from major UK kitchen and bathroom appliance stores including B Q, Homebase, Wickes, Appliances Direct, Screwfix Direct, The Kitchen Appliance Store, Electric Shop, Fit My Kitchen and Oak Furniture Solutions. We also have some excellent products at great prices from other reputable stores including Amazon, Ebay and BHS Direct.

Most of our featured products are specifically Belfast and Butler sinks but we also showcase other types of ceramic and porcelain sinks in a very similar style. Whether you re looking for a single bowl sink, a one and a half bowl sink or a double bowl sink, you re sure to find something that appeals to your taste and budget here. We also have some stylish freestanding dark and light wood farmhouse sink unit and base cabinet products for accommodating a Belfast kitchen sink, as well as a range of Belfast sink waste units which feature a brass plug and ball chain.

Our range of sinks mainly comprise a sink only while others come with tap packs included. Most of our sinks are in traditional white but we also feature some cream or black options. You ll find all the leading brand names in Belfast kitchen sinks here including the popular Franke Kubus, Franke Belfast and Franke Mythos ranges, CDA, Shaws, Astracast and the Caple Pemberley and Caple Sandown ranges.

Prices for a cheap sink start at around 150 for a single or small bowl sink, with prices rising to more than 600 for the top of the range products which often feature a drainer area and double or triple bowl.

Ceramic sinks are made to last for many years

A Belfast sink will normally be fitted beneath a kitchen worktop unit with the front face of the sink visible. Brackets can be used to fit this style of sink in a freestanding way or alternative set on top of kitchen base units.

A Belfast or Butler sink will often have a chrome of stainless steel overflow and outlet. Many are made from a high quality cast fireclay and traditional white gloss finish. They are normally medium heat and therma shock resistant as well as low impact resistant.

These sinks keep their colour very well and are easy to clean. To keep your sink looking its best a non- abrasive cream or liquid cleaner can be used to removed stains for liquids such as red wine, tea or coffee. To protect the ceramic surface of the sink from scratching you should never place a washing up basin in it as scratches can be created if there is any grit on the bottom of the bowl.

These stunning sinks even have their uses when they have outworn their life in the kitchen – they are often uses to make nice ornamental features in the garden and some people use them as a trough for flowers and plants in their patio area.

A great deal of craftsmanship goes into making a quality ceramic sink and, despite the modern technology available today, they are still built using similar methods to those over a century ago. A Belfast sink is made by a process called slipcasting where water and fire clay are mixed and poured into a plaster mould consisting of two pieces. After the sink is removed from the mould the ceramic is dried slowly at a constant temperature.

A sink is then glazed after drying when a layer of white vitreous china is brushed onto it. The sink is then sprayed with ground glass, mixed with a binding agent and water. Finally the sink is fired in a tunnel kiln at a very high temperature.

These sinks are very practical in design for two main reasons. Firstly their size. As most homes now have a dishwasher, it is inevitable the larger items, such as the wok or frying pan, end up being hand washed. With this type of sink there is plenty of space to wash even the largest dishes with ease.

Secondly, a Belfast sink is easy to keep looking fantastic year after year. Being ceramic makes it not only a very hygienic sink but one that resists stains, cleans easy and requires almost no maintenance. In addition these sinks are strong, heat resistant sinks that cope with daily use fantastically.

These sinks look very impressive and are often the centrepiece of kitchens throughout the UK. They are clean and fresh in appearance and tough and durable in structure.

If you buy one of our featured sink you ll be making a purchase you won t regret – if you look after your sink properly it will serve you faithfully for many years and help enhance your overall kitchen decor.


We bring you the best prices for Belfast sinks from major UK kitchen supply stores – top quality ceramic and stainless steel sinks which add a touch of class to any home.

We ve trawled around to find the most competitive prices from leading stores including B Q, Homebase, Screwfix Direct, Fit My Kitchen and Wickes.

Our range of single, one and a half and double bowl sinks – from leading names including Franke, CDA and Caple – is sure to have something that appeals to your taste and budget.

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