Apr 23 2018

Best Kitchen Flooring Options by Activity, kitchen tile flooring.#Kitchen #tile #flooring

5 Best Kitchen Flooring Rated By Activity

Kitchen tile flooring

Ceramic tile has long been a popular kitchen floor choice because of its resilience and wide range of style options. When properly grouted and sealed, ceramic tile will resist any kind of kitchen spill. And because ceramic tile is almost rock-hard, it stands up well to traffic.

The only problem is that it looks like a deceptively easy DIY install. What could be easier? Some mortar, some tiles – voila, you re done. But there is a reason why family-based trade guilds have been installing tile . MORE for the last, oh, several thousand years: it s an art. After all, mediocre ceramic tile installation is really not hard; but good ceramic tile installation is!

Branch out and try some unusual styles for your next kitchen flooring. Shown here is a highly unusual cobblestone style ceramic tile by Merola.

Best Kitchen Flooring for Cost: Sheet Vinyl

Kitchen tile flooring

When it comes to kitchen floors, you definitely want something that will shed water and stand up to heavy traffic. Sheet vinyl does all that, and it s a fast install. Best of all, sheet vinyl has no seams (or at worst, one or two seams), to better resist moisture and spills.

In fact, when it comes to pure water resistance, sheet vinyl hits the top of the charts. Water can stand on sheet vinyl forever, until it evaporates, and still not damage subfloor or the finish flooring itself.

Sheet vinyl . MORE comes in wide rolls. The style shown here, Armstrong Sedona Morning Mauve, comes in 12 foot wide rolls and has what Armstrong calls CushionStep–an extra layer of cushion to combat that hard feeling that sheet and tile vinyl tend to have.

Because of the unwieldy sheet vinyl rolls and difficulty of installation, sheet vinyl is best left in the hands of pro installers.

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