Jun 21 2018

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Best Mini Kitchens Kitchenettes 2011

There’s something so appealing about the “all in one” kitchen unit it’s like a well-oiled engine on which the whole home runs. While not always practical (high-end kitchenettes can end up costing as much or more than their full-sized counterparts) mini kitchens are at the very least inspiring in their space saving ingenuity. Here are 10 of our favorites.

This Illinois-based company makes all-in-one compact kitchens. The Temp Kitchen (starting at $6,495) is a new product that can be used in any open space with plumbing hookups. Designed to withstand heavy wear, it’s well suited to construction and renovation sites.

New York-based A.J. Madison has a good selection of affordable compact kitchens for small apartments, including models by Avanti, Acme, and Summit. This is the Avanti CK361, a 36-inch cabinet/refrigerator/sink/burner for $634.

Their freestanding Varde Kitchens start at $250. The solid birch cabinets are designed to be mixed and matched base cabinets hold appliances and sinks, while upper and lower cabinets provide storage space.

Mini kitchen Acme Kitchenettes

Acme’s been in the business of making tiny kitchens for over 80 years. Based out of Hudson, New York, they make basic all-in-one mini kitchens (with sinks, refrigerators, ovens, and storage cabinets) that start around $1,500.

Mini kitchen Alpes Inox

This Italian company makes beautiful stainless steel kitchens with a nickel/chrome composite that provides a highly polished finish. These are expensive for purchase info click here. Shown: 160 Compact Kitchen.

Architect and “total designer” Joe Colombo created a self-contained mini kitchen in the early 1960s, and Boffi re-released the Corian version several years ago. The sink-less kitchenette includes a mini fridge, two burners, outlets for appliances, a cutting board, and storage space.

Mini kitchen Move Outdoor Kitchen

A contemporary take on Colombo’s kitchenette, the Move Outdoor Kitchen sells through French company C-Stanek for 12,300. A watertight kitchen designed for outdoor use, it has a refrigerator, cooktop, cutting board, and various storage compartments.

This online store carries combo kitchenettes by Avanti and Summit. As their name suggests, they also specialize in small-scale freestanding and wall-mounted appliances. Shown: Summit 60-Inch Combination Kitchen, $1,200.

Mini kitchen Compact Concepts

This “Circle Kitchen” isn’t cheap it sells for around $15,000. A revolving core holds storage space equivalent to “12 cupboards of a conventional kitchen,” while an outer wall contains sliding doors that hide everything, Jetsons-style, when the kitchen’s not in use.

Designed by EOOS, the B2 Collection includes three compact components: one central workbench with sink, one pantry cabinet, and one cabinet for larger appliances. This high-end system is available from Bulthaup showrooms across the US.

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