May 31 2017

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Direct Importer of Quartz. Marble. and Granite Countertops

BT Kitchen and Bath specializes in kitchen and bath remodels, offering kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, backsplash, and flooring for a complete remodel solution. We pride ourselves as being Okaloosa County’s quartz, marble, and granite countertop pros. For your cabinetry needs, we are an authorized dealer of Waypoint Cabinets. Wellborn Cabinets. and Fabuwood Cabinets. BT Kitchen and Bath is proud to serve Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Andalusia, Pensacola, and the rest of Okaloosa, Walton, and Escambia Counties.Visit our showroom and slab yard to see our wide selection of Granite, Marble, Quartz, Soapstone, and Onyx perfect for your kitchen countertops.

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    Natural Stone: Marble and Granite Countertops

    Both granite and marble seem inextricably tied to timeless beauty, style and even trends. That’s not easy to manage. More often you’ll find a trend that’s not necessarily timeless, or something that’s stylish but not really progressive enough to rank as a trend. These two stones manage all three.
    One of the reasons for this versatility is the wide range of colors and patterns with either stone. Granite is never just one color. It’s black or brown, green or rosy, bold patterned or specked. It’s swirled with deep veining, and some has almost no veining at all. Marble isn’t just the white and gray that you’re accustomed to. It ranges in color from the starkest white to rich brown, and has translucent or deep toned patterns.

    Cost of Granite Gountertops:

    The cost of granite countertops is based on several factors including rarity and fabrication difficulty. For the most part, the price of granite varies based on how diffictul it is to find the materials. If you are looking for a low price granite countertop then look no further than the very common basics like Ubatuba Granite. Santa Cecilia Granite. Bainbrook Brown Granite and granite slabs in this price category. Another way to spot lower cost granite countertops is to look for consistent or “salt and pepper” patterns. Uncommon stones such as Black Galaxy Granite and Absolute Black Granite can be found at almost any granite store, but will have a slightly higher price tag than more common stones. Although the price of these stones is a little higher, they are still fairly common. Granite cost begins to increase rapidly for exotic granites. Get an estimate on how much your granite will cost here. For more information on granite countertop cost here.

    Quartz Countertops: A Man-Made Stone

    Quartz is puzzling word. It’s a mineral, so some think that a quartz countertop is all natural and cut from a slab. Not so. If you want a slab for a solid countertop, then you want quartzite. But if you want a man made stone, you want quartz. Confused yet?
    Quartz countertops are engineered stone made from ground quartz minerals, colorants and a binder, which is usually polyester resin. But don’t let the polyester worry you. At about 94 percent real quartz, according to This Old House, the finished product is at least as durable as any natural stone, if not more so.
    Quartz comes in almost any color imaginable, since its color is an additive. And because the patterns can be both small and uniform, seams are much less obvious. This is a perfect choice for people who love stone but can’t really choose a natural color or pattern and also don’t want the upkeep. Quartz never needs a sealant. And if you want a no-seal countertop with a more prominent pattern, you can have that, too.
    No matter what you choose for your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with granite, marble or quartz. They’re all practically diamond tough, at least compared to other countertops, and they all have the natural beauty of stone.
    It comes down to a matter of upkeep, personal style, and whether color and uniformity are important. Regardless of which material you choose, you’ll have countertops that can last for generations.
    Countertops are a tough choice, but BT Kitchen and Bath can help. Request a free design consultation and see how each material will look in your own kitchen.

    Address: 4100 S. Ferdon Blvd Crestview FL 32536

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