Apr 28 2017

Chuck Box – Camp Kitchen #small #kitchen #appliances

#camp kitchen


Chuck Box – Camp Kitchen

Problem: I want to go car camping but, don’t have an organized way of dealing with cooking, eating and cleanup besides several cardboard boxes full of camp stuff that I don’t know what it is. In other words, I’m starting from scratch. The last thing I want is to get the camp site and spend time digging through piles of stuff to cook a meal. I think you know where I’m coming from.

Solution: Create a portable storage container for camping related eating, cooking and cleanup tasks that:
1. fits in the bed of my pickup.
2. folds down for easy storage.
3. expands at the camp site to provide more work space.
4. contains all the basic eating, cooking and cleanup equipment.
5. built from common on-hand materials and keep costs to a minimum.
and lastly,
6. stores easily at home ready for the next adventure.

Too good to be true? well let’s give it a shot. This is a prototype version and depending on how it performs out in the field, may go through some changes.

I’ve attached a working drawing with dimensions that work for me. You may need to alter them to fit your needs. Good luck!

Difficulty scale: Depending on your carpentry skills, I’m rating this a 6 out of 10.

Step 1: Design – The Box

I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the best design that works for me. I found many good designs on the net and borrowed features from some and added many of my own. You may not like this design so feel free to change anything you like.

Design Criteria:
1. must fit stove and all cook/clean gear
2. must maximize storage space for large and small items.
3. must maximize working counter space.
4. must hold fresh and wash water containers.

The Box:
The 2 top panels fold out and are supported by the swing out doors. The doors double as storage space for cleaning and condiment items. I added bungees to the doors to keep things from rattling around. The large storage compartment has adjustable shelves as does the right compartment. Nesting cooking components saves space and the flip out door design allows easy access to all components.


p Love the design. Just what I was looking for. Hoping my Boy Scout Troop will like it. Thanks for the plans. /p

p Anyway you could make it more carry-friendly? I ve seen some with poles on the sides for transport, but I don t know how to incorporate them into the design. /p

p Great box, Toolman! I m a bit less handy than you are, so I made my chuckbox by converting a craftsman toolbox. Would love to know what you think! /p p a href= rel= nofollow /a /p

Awesome. Sometimes I think that I Tend to over build things. Your project inspires me to keep my eye out for a used box like yours. Recycling the draws makes this 1st rate. br br Great job. br br The Toolman

p I m absolutely making this first weekend I have the time. My only concern is heat from the bottom of the stove. Is there any special care one should take? /p

p Heat from the bottom of the stove really shouldn t be an issue. I ve often used my Coleman camp stop on the top of a plastice folding table and it never even got warm. The metal on the stove acts as a shield, and heat rises anyway. /p

p Some clear silicone in all the right places (keeping the inside water resistent) and I m going to do this just for a storage / work platform for my BBQ grill on the porch. Saves running back amp; forth into the house for stuff, plus if we do go out into the bush, (or camping as the civi s say) it s ready to go. Nice job, thanks for the share! Semper Fi /p

p Only change I would make would be to put the stove on the botton and move the boxes UP to keep the shelf from bowing. But its awesome. /p

p Pretty cool your still monitoring build (even if it did take a while to get back to people 😉 ) /p p I ve been designing a fold up case for electronic/electrical stuff along similar lines to have everything in one place with a minimum footprint yet still be transportable. I think I m going to re-design now so I can fit a 400w inverter for solder station or power supply and have an on site electronics workstation with no need to run extension cords or start up generator /p

What do you estimate the total cost is?

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