Jul 31 2017

Classic Retro American Diner Furniture – Accessories from the Specialists – Cola Red® #cheap #kitchen

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Classic Retro Kitchen Dining Furniture from the UK. Cola Red . the recognised specialists in authentic award winning, 50’s American Diner Style Furniture.

Touch and feel the premium quality, weight and strength of our furniture and be assured you are buying the ‘Rolls Royce’ of American Diner Style!

These are ‘The Real Thing’ and we are more than happy to show you – check them out by visiting our showroom (by appointment). calling us or shop on-line for retro dining, kitchen, bar and games room furniture – Commercial/Trade purchasing for your cafe, restaurant, office or Canteen – Residential buying for your living space.

Ask us why we are happy to show you the quality in person. Our confidence comes from our factory’s 70 years of producing the diner furniture style- since 1946! – creating the best dimensions, colour tones, comfort, feel and look that will give you your very own unique iconic, authentic finish and years of satisfaction. With the largest colour palette available, whether you love purist or modern design, each piece is stand alone and will work just for you.

We believe you would want to be confident in the company you buy from and we love sharing our knowledge of this 50s diner style to help you make your dream space work how you first imagined. We understand plans, dimensions, quality of finish, and palette mixing for both commercial and residential and love helping you create your finished design if you need us – We are not Interior Designers but we regularly work with them and we are confident about our diner style furniture knowledge.

If you know exactly what you want and just wish to purchase, either for your client or for yourself, we know you would want the best customer service and our family run business of nearly 10 years can work with you with the buying to delivery process keeping you up to date in a clear, friendly and professional way.

In these times we should all consider Price and quality – and we feel sure the longevity of any Cola Red product will reflect this.

We really look forward to hearing from you.

The Cola Red Team

With 18 gauge tubular steel chrome plated bases and commercially balanced and graded materials and component parts your diner furniture has to be a classic Cola Red choice.

We have the experience and the knowledge to help you choose your iconic pieces if you need us or a showroom for you to browse yourself. With the most comprehensive array of colour options to work with your ideas, memory foam and the highest quality American washable vinyl for extra comfort, and laminate from the Formica range, the cross over from original design to practical every day use cannot be missed.

Ask us a question or come and visit us soon we hope we can help.

Our Canadian factory has been making our style of furniture since 1946! We use the original templates and first changed the dimensions on our chairs in recent years over 70 years since conception and then only a minimal change!

The team in Canada still stitch and stud by hand and we both hold stock and make finishes to order so that your piece of Cola Red diner living history can either be classic or bespoke whichever way you prefer.

The quality of the iconic styles of Cola Red’s retro kitchen chairs like the Route 66 and Lexington Chairs when sat on will be fully appreciated. The comfort doesn’t only come from the materials and component parts. The correct ‘lean’ the correct height the correct balance sometimes you don’t know why you are more comfortable in our chairs but you just are – the fun of the West Side or the style of the Manhattan Stool whichever way you go will work as they ‘stand alone’. The Cola Red Accessories Homewares range is only just beginning a new story coming soon. we love it all and hope you will too.

Ask us a question or come and visit us soon we hope we can help.

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