Feb 13 2017

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Glass Splashbacks

At last! A surface that is durable, beautiful, colourful and easy to clean. DecoGlaze™ Glass Splashbacks are safe, affordable and have a reflective nature that creates a feeling of depth, light and space in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or office. DecoGlaze™ custom produce coloured glass to suit your own style, be it bright and bold or subtle and sultry. You can even be adventurous and create your own custom colour. With a coloured glass splashback. kitchen areas will be transformed from bland to bold, insipid to inviting.

DecoGlaze TM Full Range of colours are all brought to site by our professional measurers.

Ultimate Surface solution

DecoGlaze™ Glass Splashbacks can be readily applied to existing tiles, plaster board, fibre board, MDF or any surface that is reasonably smooth, flat, and free from protrusions. All Glass Splashback panels are toughened to Australian Standards (if the size and shape permits) to allow for thermal shock and heat. Installation by our trained staff takes around one hour for an average Splashback. Kitchens are then ready to use – no mess, noise or wait!

Coloured glass splashback – kitchens are just the beginning!

DecoGlaze™ has successfully installed Splashbacks in a range of environments. Not just great for the home, tough, easy-to-clean Splashbacks can be installed in a range of applications areas:

  • Lift lobbies
  • Elevator interiors
  • Escalator sides
  • Reception counter fronts
  • Boardroom whiteboards
  • Toilet and washroom wall linings
  • Bars and nightclubs

Coloured Glass Splashbacks by DecoGlaze™ come with a 10 year written guarantee. The possibilities are endless with DecoGlaze™’s exclusive range of colours, as well as pictures and patterns available as part of the Impression Series. Not to mention the custom colours that can be created especially by you. To discuss your new custom-made stylish Glass Splashback for kitchen, lobby, bathroom or bar call or contact us online today.

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