May 31 2017

Complete range of Modular Kitchen Trolleys for Indian kitchens #kitchen #products

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Kitchen Trolleys for an Extra Kitchen Space

Squeezing everything into a limited kitchen space can become quite chaotic. Cooking and baking isn’t easy if done at the same time. Also, smaller kitchens bring in the hurdle of being able to move around comfortably and access things that are frequently required during the cooking and other kitchen activities. Kitchen trolleys are highly advisable for homeowners requiring more space in their kitchen but don’t want to go for an added extension.

Kitchen trolleys bring in several advantages depending upon the design and functionalities you go for.

  • Trolleys invariably come with wheels on legs, making them suitable to be moved between spaces. For homes who are cramped with space in the kitchen, some items (the big ones preferably) can always be brought in and out of the kitchen as required.
  • Some trolley designs also come with separate racks that allow stacking several types of items. Put outside the kitchen, they will look like any other kind of bottom shelf – just that they could be moved in when required.
  • For homes that would like to cook outside on some occasions for a change, trolleys can help in moving items in and out. This is especially helpful if you are organizing an outdoor barbeque party.
  • Trolleys can also be used as an alternative to food containers. If the cooking and washing area is separate, you can use the kitchen trolley to facilitate the same, without creating a mess.
  • Lastly, if you are looking for adding shelf space to your existing kitchen, but don’t have the time or the money to do a complete renovation, choosing among several kitchen trolley designs can be a smooth solution.

At Sleek Word, we have kitchen trolleys ranging from small cutlery organizers to extended designs like Nova Signo. Depending on what type of items you would like to frequently move in and out of the kitchen, you should be choosing the container types and dimensions. While some facilitate easy carriage of big utensils, some would ensure a safe transport of glass bottles and other fragile items.

With so much happening in Indian kitchen, a Kitchen trolley is a must buy for a modular kitchen. Check out our products from a huge price range.

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