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Consumer Reviews of Thomasville Cabinets

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Date created: 2017-10-23 Name: Ed

Model/Style: Langford Maple

“Better than the builder grade Aristocraft”

We installed our Thomasville kitchen cabinets about 10 years ago and they ve held up well. One door cracked after a few years and the roll up mechanism on the garage cabinet needed to be replaced. Both issues were resolved satisfactorily with Thomasville. Need to replace cabinet above fridge due to the larger sizes being made nowadays and Home Depot still had style available.

Date created: 2017-09-21 Name: Jason

Location: West palm beach, FL

Purchased cabinets from Home Depot. When they offer a free cabinet there might be a reason why. Less than a year 2 doors have fallen off, 9 fronts had to be replaced from tacky stain, 1 door replaced for low grade wood. Junk don t buy it!

Date created: 2017-08-04 Name: gloria lafrance

Location: Watertown ct

“Doors falling off after 2 weeks of installation.”

We paid over 20,000.00 for new cabinets. While they are beautiful. One by one the cabinet door have become loose and close to falling off. home depot and installers claim it is not due to their planning but to Thomasville using wrong hardware. Unacceptable. the installer is unhappy with our complaints but honestly after all money spent I want my kitchen right. do not like opening cabinet door only to have it fall off hinges. minor fix. but to get it done.

Date created: 2017-08-03 Name: CD

WTH is up with kitchen cabinet reviews? Well, I m here to say my Thomasville cabinets are great. They are 5 years old now and have held up beautifully, everyone who comes to the house remarks on how beautiful they are. I have had a few minor problems with the hardware closers etc but Thomasville has always made good on their warranty — everything fixed within a matter of weeks. Could not be more pleased. Now I m moving to a new home and my builder does not offer Thomasville so I researching the brands they do offer and every single one of them gets totally slammed at this site.

Date created: 2017-06-15 Name: Lucy

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

“The worst product, Do Not Buy Thomasville from Home Depot!”

We ordered the Heather Gray with Cherry wood kitchen cabinets from Home Depot. The finished product is brown, ugly brown., no gray like the lovely sample. The quality of the wood is cheap. There is not one door that doesn t have a flaw of some kind, usually right in the center. One of the tracks arrived broken. We have not opened all the cabinets yet but every cabinet has been a disappointment. I m hoping we can return them. I will fight tooth and nail because this product is junk.

Date created: 2017-05-25 Name: M. Powar

Waited 6 weeks for the cabinets. Installer wouldn t even put them in they were such crap. Had to wait 6 weeks for replacements. Crap again. I have no kitchen because of them. I would never ever recommend them. Buy from somewhere else and don t get the Home Depot as project management. Just terrible.

Date created: 2017-04-06 Name: J nilsson

Location: Scottsdale, az

Model/Style: Toasted Almond

“We are extremely pleased with our cabinets”

We spent more than $20k on cabinets and another $20k on appliances. The cabinets were Thomasville from Home Depot. We had a couple doors with finish issues that were replaced within two weeks. The cabinets look great and have held up extremely well. Granted they are the higher end Thomasville cabinets with raised panels and mitred corners. I have to give them a 5 star rating.

Date created: 2017-03-29 Name: Keith

Location: Vancouver, BC

Had I read these reviews before we bought, Thomasville Cabinets, I would have never bought them. Delivery was good. The cabinets look good. Install was good. That s about it. Some parts we ordered with the cabinets did not come with the order and we are still waiting 2 months later! We asked for an extra shelf in a corner cabinet. In the cabinet is already 3 adjustable shelves. Thomasville says they don t make extra shelves! We asked for some glass panels in some of the doors. All varying sizes. They told us they did not have the correct size for one cabinet and we would have to get it cut. No problem. We specifically asked for the glass not to be tempered, Thomasville said no problem. Glass arrived and it is tempered. When we asked questions they said to us all their glass comes tempered! Do not buy Thomasville cabinets!

Date created: 2017-03-22 Name: Steve W.

Model/Style: Ashton Maple

I bought Kemper cabinets in my regular house, then bought Thomasville from Home Depot for a second home. I thought they would be comparable (both are made by Master Brands, and Home Depot will tell you they are the same), but Home Depot cuts many corners with the Thomasville Line. The worst is it s hard to figure out what corners they cut until you get them because they don t outline the specs. Construction is not the same, and features, paint, everything is inferior. Where every they can save a buck, they will do it. And it changes over time. I will never buy cabinets at Home Depot again. They are thieves.

Date created: 2017-01-18 Name: David

Location: Atlanta, GA

The sink base is missing the 2 pull out drawers that we selected and which appear on their delivery ticket. 2 base cabinets are damaged. The sink base cabinet was upgraded to plywood. The other base cabinets were not upgraded. The veneer on the upgraded vs non upgraded cabinets is visibly different. It appears that the plywood construction has a real wood veneer while the flake board cabinets have plastic/vinyl veneers. The Home Depot salesperson told us specifically that the only difference between the standard cabs and the plywood cabs is the wood. He made no mention of any difference on the outside surfaces. The cabinet doors were not properly installed at the factory, leaving us with misalignments that can t be corrected via hinge adjustments. The 9 pull out drawers are unstable (wobbly) and do not align with the tilt out drawer fronts of the sink base. The Home Depot salesperson didn t sell us what was needed to allow for the proper installation of the baseboard moldings we selected. Home Depot wants to charge us another $90 for the additional parts. We would also have to pay our installer for a 2nd visit to install that which Home Depot neglected to sell to us originally. I m disgusted with Thomasville and Home Depot to the extent that I am returning their trash. Buyer Beware

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