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Consumer Reviews of Thomasville Cabinets

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Date created: 2016-12-15 Name: T. Arrants

Location: Colville Wa

Model/Style: Custom kitchen cabinets

Had one cabinet show with no damage on box but cabinet was in pieces. Two others not drilled correctly. One cabinet miss boxed so we got someone else s cabinet! Still haven t got replacement! If you have to do business with these people I feel sorry for you!

Date created: 2016-12-08 Name: sam cohen

“More than 6 months to get replacement parts”

December 8, 2016 I have requested several times via Homedepot replacement parts for Thomasville cabinets. I have made my first request more than 6 months ago and at least 4 times after that, but have not received a single part yet.

Date created: 2016-11-17 Name: C. D.

Location: Pittsburgh Pa.

When you buy $11.000 kitchen cabinets from Home depot they want it paid in full before they order them. Now I know why. They have your money and now you have to fight with them to get anything done. We thought Thomasville cabinets were a good cabinet. Wrong. The finish on the cherry wood is so thin the raw wood is exposed and blotchy. They sent numerous replacement doors, but all had the same issue, we had the factory rep. From Thomasville here and he says it s a humidity issue. Wrong again. It s a poor application of stain. We had 3 cabinet refinishers say they would all have to be refinished to all match. Now we have to fight home depot. Home Depot and Thomasville are not compromising, it s been 6 months. Next step Court.

Date created: 2016-10-26 Name: Lydija Dahl

Location: Calgary, AB

So I have a gripe against my favorite store – Home Depot and one of their cabinet mfg – Thomasville Cabinetry. So I decided to order Spencer s basement kitchen so I could concentrate on other things in his little suite. I paid a huge sum of money to get custom cabinets made for the space. I ordered a total of 3 cabinets, 4 shelves, 1 end panel and 1 toe kick – of that order 2 shelves were not damaged or just plain wrong. So I call Home Depot – I ask for a refund because the failure rate for the product was too high to consider keeping the product. I get told that I am not entitled to a refund, but the mfg will remake 2 cabinets, the toe kick, the end panel and 2 shelves. There is one shelf they blamed me for – I provided the designer with the measurements, told her what I wanted, she drew it up and I said – yep – that s what I want. She orders a cabinet that does not do what the picture indicates, but because it s all in code, I have no idea what the hell she ordered. So now I am to blame for not reviewing what she ordered and therefore they won t replace the wrong cabinet – WTH? really? I am now talking with the store manager, have left a complaint with the manufacturer and the designer, well she agrees – it s my fault I didn t know what the codes were and that her design was flawed. I don t think it is unreasonable to assume a layman consumer goes to a designer because they expect the designer to make sure the right cabinets are ordered. I will be taking this up the chain at Home Depot, Thomasville Cabinetry and the BBB – as a consumer, I should be able to rely on the expertise they tell me they have and if they get something wrong, they should fess up and pay for the mistake. Just for the record. Thomasville said they screwed up on one cabinet, the end panel, shelves and toe kick and Home Depot agreed that they screwed up on one cabinet but the last cabinet they are saying that I should have known the order was wrong – what I don t understand is how I would have known? How is the one cabinet that the designer screwed up on different than the other cabinet – other than that Home Depot has to eat the cost of having two cabinets redone. For the record – I would never buy from this manufacturer again – Thomasville Cabinetry and I would never work with Home Depot on anything I didn t directly design and order myself.

Date created: 2016-10-20 Name: T. Manchisi

Location: Hollywood Florida

The quality not up to the Thomasville reputation. Very poor finish inside cabinets, pieces and parts missing. I paid for the new kitchen in January 2016, got delivery in April, had it installed in June and since then it has been a nightmare with Home Depot and Thomasville customer service. I even bought another piece and paid for it separately in June and still have not seen the piece delivered. I call constantly, long distance as I am in Canada and the kitchen was purchased for our condo in Florida. I wrote many emails and someone always is going to look after the situation but no one ever calls back or does anything about trying to resolve the matter. Even the customer service rep from Thomasville told me at least four time that he was on it and said he called the rep in florida to look after this but nothing came of that either. I even called to get his email but they did not give it to me and now they always tell me he is in a meeting and will call but he never does. Appalling customer service, disgusting customer service on both ends, home depot and Thomasville. Never will I deal with them again. I just hope someone will wake up and do their job. A very angry and dissatisfied Canadian,

Date created: 2016-10-02 Name: Rachel

Location: Austin tax

Just received my cabinets and every single one of them are damaged not one drawer, cabinet, modeling or trim it not damaged. It looks like someone housed them to play darts with small pin holes on every single piece and scratches and dents. I ve never been so disappointed and disgusted in my life. Called Home Depot and they can t get ahold of Thomasville till Monday so we shall see what they are gonna do about it. But even if they replace everything which is what needs done this should of never happened. Each box has a sticker on it saying it was inspected by Joanna, well whoever she is she needs fires cause not one of these cabinets should of been allowed out of the their factory.

Date created: 2016-09-13 Name: Ed Gragert

Location: Milford, PA

After having our dream kitchen designed by Home Depot, we learned that we could not even open one lazy susan cabinet and that our new refrigerator could not be opened far enough (hit cabinets) to be able to open the shelves and vegetable bins. Please do not buy home depot designed Thomasville kitchens. After 8 months, Home Depot has again refused to accept that its kitchen design resulted in us not being able to even open a cabinet door and to not be able to open the refrigerator door wide enough to take out shelves and veggie bins. Have not been able to use this part of our dream kitchen for 8 months. Home Depot s solution to us (retired couple, almost 70 years old) is to completely pull out the refrigerator periodically to be able to clean the veggie bins and live with an unusable lazy susan that cannot be opened. Why did we spend $15,000 for a Thomasville kitchen that we cannot use fully?

Date created: 2016-04-20 Name: B. Calback

Location: Sudbury Ontario

“Extremely Unsatisfied Customer”

We ordered our cabinets from Home Depot, the rep was very good, however when our cabinets arrived on March 4, they dropped three skids of them in our driveway, saying they did not carry them in. This was 5:00 P.M. on a Friday, nice for them that there was no way to get in touch with anyone. When the cabinets were unpacked there were a lot of problems with damage and missing pieces. One month later they sent two replacement cabinets, one of which was the wrong one, the trim for the island only arrived on April 19. Thomasville rep had promised a free spice rack, I had ordered one which never came, well one came yesterday and instead of the custom wooden one I had ordered it was a piece of plastic looking very much like a left over piece of siding. Home depot has been very helpful through it all and have given us a $200.00 rebate. Thomasville couldn t even give us the promised spice rack. I would not recommend this company to anyone!

Date created: 2016-04-12 Name: g mays

Location: edina, mn

“Hinges squeak and paint flaking off after 5 years”

We bought our Thomasville kitchen cabinets at Home Depot about 5 years ago. After a few years I noticed that the paint-like coating had begun to flake off. Then hinges began squeaking/scraping when opening the cabinet doors. The hinges can be replaced, but the flaking surface is unrepairable. Further, the laminate has begun to split and separate at the bottom of the cabinets. Never buy laminated cabinets. Never buy cabinets that are not painted or stained. They are unrepairable.

Date created: 2016-03-22 Name: Sharon anderson

Location: 40182 Hilltop Dr, Lebanon, OR 97355

I ordered 15 cabinets for my kitchen in Hickory through Home Depot. Thomasville was right on time in getting the cabinets done and shipped. I kinda went down hill from there but that is another story. The cabinets look great and except for one door hinge screw broken off, they look great. The installer was able to fix hinge but today I received a new door and several hinges. Good Service.

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