May 30 2017

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At Cabinets & Designs, we specialize in custom cabinet and kitchen design. Our designer’s expertise spans across all areas of your home including kitchens, baths, closets, libraries, home offices and home theater rooms.

Our custom cabinetry showroom features designs from Wood-Mode and Brookhaven. The layout of the store takes you through a live action kitchen, a display closet, a display bathroom and three different kitchen styles. Cabinets & Designs carries the full array of colors from Silestone, as well as.
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What our Customers Say

I can’t tell you how much I love my Wood-Mode kitchen and the only sad thing is that this is the BEST kitchen I’ve ever had and now my family is grown! The pantry is unique in this part or the country and what a wonderful space-saver it has been. This is by far the best cabinetry on the market for construction and quality. Your design staff was wonderful and communicated well with my builder. I can’t recommend this company highly enough.

Cindy Gum, Pebble Beach

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