Nov 30 2017

Dining Room Lighting #kitchen #layout

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Dining Room Lighting

Why Dining Room Lighting Is Important

Dining rooms have morphed from being places solely for eating a meal into being multipurpose rooms that are used for homework or paying bills, entertaining, as well as a place to eat. Due to all of the activities that take place in a dining room, it is important that the space possesses sufficient lighting. In order to create a well-light dining room, there needs to a combination of ambient light and accent light.

How to Light a Dining Room

The light in a dining room needs to be bright enough to illuminate food on a table, highlight decor, and create a pleasant atmosphere. To achieve this optimum amount of light, it is important to layer the light in a dining room with ambient light as well as accent light. Consider pairing a modern chandelier above a dining room table to provide general light with decorative wall sconces around the room to create an even illumination while simultaneously creating a modern design statement. Or for a more classic look, simply mount a flush mount ceiling light or a semi-flush mount ceiling light in the center of the room for ambient light that is enhanced by accent light from simple, minimalist wall lights.

Make a Statement with Modern Dining Room Lighting

Besides illuminating the space, modern dining room lights can also be used as part of the d cor. From large, decorative wall sconces that can be arranged as wall art, to elaborate, modern chandeliers suspended above dining room tables that double as extravagant centerpieces, dining room lights can elevate the overall design of the room.

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