Feb 13 2017

Discount Granite Kitchen Worktops in UK #kitchen #splashback #tiles

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Granite Worktops Supplier UK

We welcome you at Discount Granite Worktops, one of the best companies offering the finest quality natural stone worktops at discount rates. People often ask us how we provide high quality products at such low prices . We simply smile and say we supply direct from the quarry; cutting-out any middleman in the entire mine to home process . We also believe in providing a high quality fitting service at affordable prices, offering the best granite supplying and fitting deals throughout the country.

Our credible granite worktop products are the reason for us being among the most chosen suppliers in this field across the United Kingdom. Our services are also renowned and we assure full insurance backed guarantee that ensures quality services and quick customer support. No wonder why we get most of our customers from references by our previous served customers.

Some Popular Granite Patterns

When we talk about the most popular pattern we say it’s Star Galaxy . Its main source of origin is India. It looks black in colour with copper flecks in it. However, these copper flecks are distributed unevenly over the surface of the stone, as it is natural. It is among the most chosen stone as it suits any environment and offers a stylish look to your kitchen. We must tell you that star galaxy is the king of granite. You can take a look on this renowned product in our gallery. Along with that there are some other patterns that are chosen by most of the people such as, Kashmir white, Kashmir gold, absolute black, Baltic brown etc.

Granite and its Prices

It’s really important to know that granite prices vary according to its quality and rarity of colour pattern. However, the price range is almost equivalent but a bit high for some rare designs. So, if you are looking for some rare designs, you need to invest slightly more. But, you don’t need to worry while purchasing from us. Although these rare design patterns may cost you a bit more but we ensure that you will get these at much lower rates than from any other granite supplier. That’s the big advantage of dealing with us as the prices that we offer can never be offered by any other seller.

Once the installation is done our team members will also guide you on how to maintain and clean your new surface. These tips will help you in keeping it new for many years to come. You don’t need any special treatment for cleaning this hard-wearing stone. You can even clean them using a simple cloth or sponge with water. However, you can use any cleaning soap occasionally to clean extra dirt and dust.

Discount Granite Worktops is a place where you will get complete answers for all your questions. From simple granite surface fitting to high class modular kitchen worktop fitting, we can fulfil everyone’s desire. We assure you to give the best deals across the entire United Kingdom.

The Home of Cheap Granite Kitchen Worktops.

2 Lengths Starting From 699 inc Delivery.

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