Nov 6 2017

DIY Round Wooden Table for $110! Shanty 2 Chic #kitchen #designer #jobs

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DIY Round Wooden Table for $110!

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Hey guys! I have been dying to share this new DIY with you all! If you follow us on Instagram. you may have seen a couple of sneak peaks of the building process and may have even tried to take a guess at what it was going to be. Well, how about a round table that seats 6 for only $110.

This is the very first piece of furniture that I have built for our new home. I mentioned, a while back, when we sold our house that we decided to sell the furniture as well. I knew that I would want to build new furniture and couldn t justify paying to have it all stored and then moving it in temporarily. Needless to say, my plate is quite full trying to build furniture to fill our home up (and get our mattresses off the floor ) BUT, I wouldn t have it any other way. I m in a woodworkers heaven

I enlisted the help of our super talented friend, Ana White. for this build. I knew that I needed a round shaped table to fit in our breakfast nook so after a bit of thought, we decided to go with an octagon shape. It would be easier to build than a round top and it would still give my space the round shape that it needed! You can get the free plans HERE and I ve shared my step-by-step pictures to help you when you are building your own!!

There are lots of angle cuts in this piece but don t let that scare you! If you have the right tools it s a piece of cake! I used my Ridgid 12 sliding compound miter saw for this job. The bevel and miter slide to both sides which makes cutting all these angle super fast.

To put the two short legs together, I used my Kreg Jig K5. This was my first time to use this bad boy and OH MY GOODNESS what a difference. I loved the previous models but this one makes building so much faster. It has a self adjusting clamp so there s no more loosening and tightening the little bolts! I appreciated it so much on this table because I was drilling though both 2x boards and 1x boards!

This is a picture of how I attached the long leg to the base and other two legs. If you have an extra hand have them hold this piece up while you pre drill and screw. I wasn t as lucky so I resorted to resting it on my head don t try this at home

Now, we don t put a finish on all of our pieces, just the ones that will need protecting. I think I put like 5 coats of Varathane Polyurethane in Matte finish on the table top. I really wanted to be able to wipe it down after our little monsters eat

That was it. With all of the money I saved building this table myself, I splurged on some metal chairs I purchased these at Target. I had my heart set on a more expensive chair from another store but, I needed 6 of these. The reviews on this chair aren t great so I made my sisters go with me to Target and the other store to compare. We sat in them, measured them, debated and couldn t justify spending double the price, per chair, because Targets were great! So I was able to get 6 chairs at $50 a piece!

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