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Donating Used Stuffed Animals #donating #used #cars #to #charity


Donating Used Stuffed Animals

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A word of caution, some kids are allergic to stuffed animals. But I agree it would fun to brighten a scary situation. Also have you thought of giving to a domestic abuse center or to an orphanage or to a daycare or churches! God bless you for being so thoughtful!

By LeeAnne67 [4 Posts, 111 Comments]

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My advice would be to call the Fire and Police Departments in your area and ask them. I know that some police officers carry stuffed animals in the trunks of their cars to give to traumatized children in bad situations. You could call Seattle Children s and ask if they know of any places up in the Burlington area where you could donate.

Women and children s shelters would welcome them. So many time women have to grab their kids and get to a safe place with only what they are wearing. A sweet stuffed animal would go a long way in calming a scared child.

Thank you for doing that. It will mean a lot to some very deserving kids and their families.

Hi – yours is a noble cause but sadly, most hospitals can only accept new toys.

However, all of the other suggestions are great and your gifts would still be going to a child in need.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [578 Posts, 2,396 Comments]

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You can call them or yes, donate to the police. Kids who have lost someone to an accident, violence or a trauma love and need them. That is where I sometimes give just after I have purchased them from a yard sale and/or thrift shop. I wash them and do the sniff test (this nose knows ciggies and kitties a mile away). Some Febreez and a day in the open air and they are ready to give a kid something to hold.

I hope this helps.

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Where can I donate stuffed animals? I want to give them to kids who have lost some they love or have been placed in a new home. They are animals that my dad has won in claw games. My mom has passed and he has five girls; we are 40 and over. We just want to see them to go to a places were they can help someone smile, even if it’s just for a minute or two. Thank you.

By Elizabeth [206 Comments]

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If they are new looking and free of soil, cigarette smoke, etc. find a group who is packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Most people pack their boxes in November.

If they need a wash put them in a zip up cloth pillow cover and throw them in the washer on gentle wash and toss in the dryer. It is important to put them in this bag to insure one doesn t open and ruin your machine or dryer. Then let them air for a few days to make sure they are dry clear through. You can cut the tags off.

Replace the ribbons if they are tattered. Must look new. I do this every year for donated small stuffed animals and take 3-4 hundred to the processing center and they go into the boxes for children all over the world to enjoy.

By Beth [64 Comments]

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I live in a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee and would like to donate between 50-100 new stuffed animals/toys to an organization that can distribute them to needy kids. I am willing to deliver to any county adjacent to Davidson County.

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I live in Florida but we are able to donate NEW stuffed toys to our local hospitals. These are usually given to children when it seems appropriate – especially at Christmas.

I believe our Lion s club also does something like this so maybe you could check with one of these for advice.

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