Jul 31 2017

Easy Smoothie Recipes for Ninja Blenders #kitchen #base #cabinets

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Originating from the beaches of California, smoothies have become one of the most popular drinks in the country. Originally, smoothies were made from fresh fruits like bananas. strawberries. pineapples and orange juice. Today, there are literally hundreds of combinations of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other healthy ingredients that can go into a smoothie recipe.

Smoothies can be part of a healthy diet when created with fruits and vegetables. Have a sweet tooth? Smoothies can also be made into a delicious dessert. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making a great tasting smoothie.

To make a smoothie you will need a high quality blender but it doesn’t have to be expensive. I myself use the Ninja Blender model BL660 that I purchased from my local Target store. For online shoppers of smoothie blenders, please visit my Ninja Blender page to see all the models available online.

So are you ready to make a smoothie? Scroll down below to see the newest smoothie recipes or select a smoothie category on the right.

Newest Smoothie Recipes

A protein packed great tasting smoothie recipe that is also rich in iron. Drink this smoothie after a tough workout to recover quicker and keep your muscles happy. View Recipe »

If you’re in need of beta-carotene in your diet then our Beta Booster smoothie recipe is the tasty answer. The orange/yellow color of the finished product is a dead-giveaway that this easy smoothie re. View Recipe »

Enjoy this Banana smoothie recipe with a twist. Why the twist? Because this breakfast smoothie adds a pinch of allspice to get things kicking first thing in the morning. Give it a try. We think you’ll. View Recipe »

Say goodbye to constant cravings with our Apple Delight smoothie recipe. If you’re trying to lose weight and are fighting those constant cravings of hunger, this rich-tasting smoothie is the creamy an. View Recipe »

What two fruits have very few calories but are packed with flavor and nutrition? It’s honeydew and cantaloupe! Through the process of fusion we’ve created the Skinny Honeyloupe Smoothie. Fresh can. View Recipe »

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After a tough workout it’s important to replenish your body within 30 minutes of the nutrients lost. For best results, you should drink a smoothie that’s high in protein and carbohydrates, but low in calories. Our 7 [Read More. ]

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