Nov 29 2017

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# provides research-based information about eating on the wild side . This means choosing present-day foods that approach the nutritional content of wild plants and game our original diet. Evidence is growing on an almost daily basis that these wholesome foods give us more of the nutrients we need to fight disease and enjoy optimum health.

Few of us will go back to foraging in the wild for our food, but we can learn to forage in our supermarkets, farmers markets, and from local farmers to select the most nutritious and delicious foods available.

Eatwild has been providing information about the benefits of choosing meat, eggs, and dairy products from pastured animals since 2001. Now founder Jo Robinson is providing new information about fruits and vegetables as well!

Find your way around Eatwild.

  • Notes News – A wealth of information about the benefits of choosing products from pastured animals.
  • Are you a producer who is listed on Eatwild? Visit the Producers’ Corner to find information just for you.
  • Visit the Eatwild Store to browse cookbooks and books on pasture-based farming, healthy eating, and food politics. You will also find our hand-picked selection of Kitchen Tools.
    • Donate to . does not receive any money when you buy from farmers listed on our website 100% of what you spend goes directly to the farmers. When you donate to Eatwild or buy books or kitchen tools from our store. you are helping to keep Eatwild online. Thank you.

    Eatwild was founded more than 10 years ago. It’s mission was to promote the benefits to consumers, farmers, animals, and the planet of choosing meat, eggs, and dairy products from 100% grass-fed animals or other non-ruminant animals fed their natural diets. Today it is the #1 clearinghouse for information about pasture-based farming and features a state-by-state directory of local farmers who sell directly to consumers.

    Comingsoon. will roll out a new look and a whole new component to the website. In addition to providing information about healthy meat, eggs, and dairy products, it will feature brand new information about choosing extraordinarily nutritious fruits and vegetables as well. The new section will complement Jo Robinson’s new book, Eating on the Wild Side , the first book to reveal the nutritional history of our fruits and vegetables and how we have squandered a host of essential fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in our 400 generations of farming.

    Jo’s book offers page after page of new information about the foods we eat and some simple steps we can take to reclaim many of those lost nutrients. Read more. is owned and operated by Jo Robinson. an investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author who specializes in science-based health information. Jo has been investigating the differences between wild plants and game and the foods in our supermarkets

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