Oct 16 2017

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Nursing Midwifery

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Postgraduate nursing degrees

Mount Lawley WAAPA

Get ready with

Postgraduate nursing degrees

Nurses and midwives are highly skilled health care professionals who combine the art of caring with scientific knowledge and skills.

ECU has the largest Nursing program and the only dual Nursing/Midwifery degree in Western Australia. And we have facilities that are the envy of other universities.

Our demonstration wards are as close as you can get to the real thing – until you start your practical work in one of Western Australia’s major hospitals.

If the idea of a career in nursing or midwifery gets your pulse racing, look no further than ECU.

Postgraduate nursing programs online

At ECU we understand that when it comes to studying, everyone is different. And often busy!

It’s why we offer working nurses and midwives the flexibility of online study within all of our postgraduate nursing and midwifery programs.

Our tutorials are delivered via virtual classrooms which you can access anywhere at any time from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

During the tutorial, you can ask questions in real time and have discussions with your lecturer and fellow students. You’ll also have access to lecturers online, or can meet with them on-campus.

To see our range of postgraduate courses, simply scroll down to Your Degree.

Mums adopt midwifery students

To consolidate the theory they learn in the classroom and to understand what pregnancy means for couples, all midwifery students participate in our Mothers Adopting Midwifery Students (MAMS) program.

MAMS pairs students with women up to 35 weeks pregnant for their mutual benefit. The program offers invaluable learning opportunities outside of a ‘typical’ classroom setting, where students can develop both their clinical and personal skills.

Feedback from MAMS has shown that participants experienced a sense of comfort, trust and overall psychological benefit from meeting with the same midwifery student throughout their pregnancy, labour and post-natal period.

International placements

If you’re interested in working in a different healthcare system to experience health in a diverse cultural setting, you can include a community placement overseas as part of our undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery programs.

Community placement opportunities are currently available in Laos, Cambodia, India, the Philippines, Thailand and Tanzania for Nursing students and in the Philippines for Midwifery students.

Student scholarships

With the support of an ECU scholarship, we can help you realise your ambitions by improving your financial situation and enabling you to successfully complete your course.


The nursing and midwifery professions offer you different options for healthcare specialisation, including newborn babies, aged care, paediatrics, mental health, critical care, rural or remote nursing and a host of other specialties.

Our School of Nursing and Midwifery has partnerships with metropolitan and rural hospitals and the private sector, allowing you to undertake most of your undergraduate clinical placements in one setting.

Some courses can be studied at our Joondalup and South West (Bunbury) campuses.

Study areas and degrees

To help you choose a career direction, we’ve grouped similar fields of work into study areas across ECU – Nursing and Midwifery is one of those study areas.

Within this study area you can choose a degree, for example a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) or a double degree such as a Bachelor of Science (Nursing)/Bachelor of Science (Midwifery).

Postgraduate degrees are also available through coursework or research. For example, you can study our Master of Nursing by Research degree or complete a Master of Healthcare Studies by coursework.

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