Dec 31 2017

Genie Kitchen Garden #italian #kitchen

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Genie Kitchen Garden


Design by Sebastian Jansson

Genie is a hydroponics device mainly designed for indoor use, but can be used also outside i.e. on the terrace. The Active Growing Technology provides nutritious, oxygenous water to the roots of the plants. Stagnant water becomes anaerobic very quickly and therefore the water circulation is very important. In addition, the growing light with the optimal light spectrum, is an important factor for the growth.

Hydroponics has been used by professional farmers for over 40 years. Most of the 200 million herb and lettuce pots produced yearly in the Nordics are cultivated with the same principle.

Mere water is not enough for the growth of the plants, because the plants use the nutrients in pots very fast. Therefore it is recommendable to use the Tregrens nutrients that are planned for hydroponics.

The Genie’s sales package includes the so-called start-up nutrients that get you started. Nutrients designed for the device can be inquired at retailers’ selling the device. They can also be ordered through the Tregren’s store online.

The plants evaporate water and the evaporation speed depends on several factors (temperature, species etc.) The device shows also the maximum and minimum levels of the water. Water shall be added to the device when the water level goes below the minimum mark or at latest when the pump starts to take in air which is indicated by the sound. Typically water should be added every 2-5 days. It is recommendable to change the water at the same time as you add the nutrients. The recommendation is every 3 weeks.

The regular water change and adding the nutrient ensure the successful growth of the plants also for novice gardeners.

First check the amount of water. If the pump gets in even a little air, the recovery can take few minutes after you filled up with water. If this does not help, adjust the pump to the full power for a couple of minutes (the adjustment lever of the pump to the left) and then back to the minimum. Check also that the pump is properly attached to the attachment pin. When changing the water, also rinse the pump with running water and see that there is no soil or plant remains in the holes. The pump grill should be removed with e.g. twisting lightly by your nails – this way the cleaning is much easier. – Place the pump in the same direction as the wire/water container. Press the growing medium by the pump in such way that the suction cups are attached to the bottom. This way the potential resonation decreases.

Genie has a LED stripe on one of its sides that turns red when the batteries run low. We recommed that you change the batteries immediately when the LED is turned on. The batteries last for 8-10 months .

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