Apr 30 2017

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Paint Colors 2016

There are a variety of different shades that will go better is different rooms of your home. Some of the most popular paint colors for a living room include comforting tones of light reds and yellow to create a warm and country feel. Other popular hues on the paint color wheel include shades of blue and green. These can be paired wonderfully with white washed woods for a waterside feel. Shades of dark blue and white are also great for kitchen paint colors. Shades of blue invoke a calming and relaxing atmosphere that will welcome any guest into your home. when renovating a kitchen space you want to be sure to choose the best paint colors to make your space very welcoming. The kitchen is the most popular room in your home, guest and family gather to enjoy the company of others over a nice meal. So painting the walls with one of the most popular colors of 2016 will help you to create this feel.

Wall Paint Colors

Some other great paint colors for bedrooms include beautiful and romantic shades of dark reds and purples. Accent these deep tones with gold highlights in accessories and decoration for a gorgeous look. In 2016, shades of greys and green are becoming increasingly popular for bedrooms. Find these beautiful shades in Glidden paint colors. for an affordable yet durable finish on your walls. In addition to countless interior paint colors, you can also change the shade on the outside of your home. Many brands offer paints and finishes that are specifically made for outdoors to withstand weather. Popular exterior paint colors include, grey, light shades of green, brown and yellow. No matter what area of your home you are looking to remodel, there are numerous paint colors to choose from to adorn your walls. From interior paint to exterior stains and finishes, you can keep your home looking gorgeous and up to date with the latest trends.

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