Nov 30 2017

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Hospitality Suppliers

If you are an owner or manager of a kitchen in a hotel, bar or restaurant then you would understand the importance of reliable hospitality suppliers. The hospitality superstore is based in Brisbane Queensland and delivers to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth .

When considering a restaurant or bar fit out there is more to think about than just the design and construct. You need to seriously account for your trading and patrons down time, or time you need to close to get the upgrades finished. We can help you plan and execute the fit out. as well as coordinate timely supply of new commercial kitchen appliances .


A major part of hospitality is catering equipment. either on-site or delivered you need to know you have reliable hot or cold food display often referred to as Bain Marie in the catering industry, where guests are able to serve them selves. One failure with this type of equipment can ruin your companies reputation.

The Hospitality Superstore are specialists in the sale or hire of high quality and reliable commercial catering equipment like food displays and refrigeration throughout Australia.

Commercial Cooking, Kitchens and Ovens

With any commercial Kitchen and cooking to cater for large groups, you must be able to rely on your pizza and bakery ovens and use adequate commercial refrigeration. Reliable kitchen supplies. even small appliances like commercial deep fryers and commercial kitchen appliances are essential to your hotel or restaurants reputation and ongoing success.

Commercial Juicers and Food Processors

In any commercial kitchen, having a reliable commercial food processor or Juicer is essential. One of the most popular brands is the Robot coupe and the name itself has since become the industry reference.

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