Aug 25 2017

How A Kitchen Table With Bench Seating Can Totally Complete Your Home #kitchen #benchtops

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Benches aren t just for picnics anymore. They re becoming increasingly popular in interior decors and not only in the case of rustic interiors. The fact is benches have a lot to offer and they can often be the better choice, especially in the kitchen .

by Christopher Peacock

For example, a kitchen that has large windows or a glass wall, you ll most definitely want to include a table somewhere in that area. Choose to have a kitchen table with bench seating if you want unobstructed views. Sometimes it s best to look at what benches don t have to realize what they can offer.

by David Burroughs

There s also the option to use kitchen bench seating to balance out the décor if, for example, your kitchen also features a bunch of curved lines. Or maybe if the bench is also curved, the décor would actually become more cohesive.

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In either case, kitchen benches are a wonderful option for large families. They bring everyone closer together and connect the ones sitting side by side in a way individual chairs can t.

Of course, you can combine different types of seating. You can place a bench against the wall if your kitchen table is in a corner and then add a few extra chairs.

Benches are also great if you want to get that rustic look that picnic tables usually feature. Use them in combination with a wooden table.

by Joe Fletcher Photography

Photograph by Bernard André

And don t forget about how practical benches can be if you decide to opt for a design that has built-in storage. These are usually used in kitchen nooks and offer hidden storage that can be really useful. This type of benches also feature comfy cushions and tend to look a bit more robust.

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