Jun 20 2018

Icon Kitchen Studio – Elegant and Modern Design, kitchen studio.#Kitchen #studio

kitchen studio

  • Kitchen studio

Functionality and design. Clean aesthetics and technical performance.

  • Kitchen studio


    Up to 300 different front variations gives you scope for individual kitchen planning.

  • Kitchen studio


    Inspired by the British coast line, sleek and minimal yet modern approach.

  • Kitchen studio


    Essential shapes mixed with futuristic functional solutions.

  • Kitchen studio


    An elegant in-frame kitchen with British influences at the heart of its design.

  • Kitchen studio

    Linea Orrizontale

    A handleless kitchen with concise architectural features.

  • Kitchen studio

    Floating Kitchen

    Visually charming with wall-mounted cupboard units and floating isolated solutions.

  • Kitchen studio


    Elegant and innovative. Named for the distincitive oblique shaping of its doors and tops.

  • Kitchen studio


    A one piece shaker door with a smooth finish.

  • Kitchen studio

    Each element in the composition reduced to its fundamental geometry.

  • Kitchen studio

    Terra Cucina

    Handleless. Vertically attached side components made from different materials.

  • Kitchen studio

    A fusion of design styles, which picks up on the new furniture trend for slim and sleek.

    Icon Kitchen Studio – elegant and modern design.

    Kitchen studio

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