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Is it possible to replace broken kitchen drawers, replacement kitchen drawers.#Replacement #kitchen #drawers

Replacement kitchen drawers

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Is it possible to replace broken kitchen drawers?

I have an old kitchen and can t afford a new one. I have cabinets with one drawer at the top, and on two of these the metal runners are still there, but the plastic side bits on the drawers themselves, that used to be attached to the runners, have fallen apart. Is there a cheap way of fixing these?

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you could pick up a standard drawer box from almost anywhere that sells flatpack kitchens or buy on the internet if you are not very practical then it may be better to get a joiner in to sort this for you as long as your kitchen units are standard widths 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm then you can buy the drawer packs and just srew your old drawer fronts to the new drawers these will also have to have the drawer runners fitted to the carcasses at the right heights, again a joiner would be better doing this for you if you are not very practicle shouldn t take any longer than an hour per drawer to repair expect to pay in region of £20 for drawer packs unless ebay are selling cheaper hope this helps

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Answered 15th Mar 2011

Replacement kitchen drawers

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buy new drawer boxes for these very easy to change they will be a standard size ie 400,500,or 600 wide

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Answered 16th Mar 2011

the best way is to take all the measurements width of unit and width of the gadles / side they will be 15mm or 18mm most likly. go to ne kitchen manufatures or showroom they will be able to help. u may find buy from a shop that it dont fit properly as the fit standard units and sides. if u need help cemail me if u from west midlands i can tell u some place to visit

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if you dont know where the kitchen was bought all them years ago you could take one of the runners and a drwer to say b q and try to match up the runners they sell seperate on the shelf , other than that put the job on her and see if a carpenter can try for you

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you could sorce the place where you got the kitchen in the frist place and get replacements, or even take the plastic side peices to kitchen showrooms and try and match the draw boxes.

another suggestion would be to have wooden draw boxes made which might mean a new set of draw runners, but can use exsisting draw front.

hope this was helpful

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Answered 16th Mar 2011

you can get a drawer pack to replace the drawer and runners . usually wood or metal and easy to put together (few mins) ive not come across any difficulties in the past with sizes depth or height,widths are standard 400,500,600 for single drawer units

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