Sep 6 2018

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Cook up a storm in the kitchen with quality cookware and accessories that combine form and function, and are a pleasure to use every day, together with storage designs you’ll be happy to display. Showcase your culinary efforts with distinctive dinnerware and serveware, decorative glasses, cutlery and linens that are all exclusive to Habitat.

Kitchen accessories uk

Kitchen accessories uk


Kitchen accessories uk


Kitchen accessories uk


Kitchen accessories uk

Cookware bakeware

Kitchen accessories uk


Kitchen accessories uk

Gadgets utensils

Kitchen accessories uk

Kitchen accessories uk


Kitchen accessories uk

Mugs Cups

Kitchen accessories uk

Food Preparation

Kitchen accessories uk

Kitchen table linen


Here at Habitat, we fully buy into the concept that the kitchen is the heart of the home, that s why we constantly work hard to design (or should that be cook up?) a perfect mix of kitchen accessories that will help to make it all your own.

Whether you love or loathe to cook, our stylish range of cookware will get you excited about pots and pans (trust us, it can happen), with a range of saucepans and frying pans, roasting trays and stockpots, all so skilled, they ll inspire you to become the next Naked Chef. Maybe.

If Mary Berry is more your bag, then our bakeware collection will surely encourage you to indulge those sugar cravings. From cupcake and muffin tins to cake tins, oven sheets to baking trays, no challenge is impossible. Sweet.

Famous chefs and bakers aside, you ll even find beauty in the everyday ordinary thanks to our range of kitchen utensils and handy kitchen gadgets; think the latest mod cons to all those traditional pieces you d never want to be without.

On a more decorative note, when it comes to dining – be it just the family or a spot of evening entertaining – our distinctive dinnerware and serveware will help you do so with inimitable style. On such occasions as the latter, glassware adds a unique, elegant touch. And for the pi ce de r sistance, never underestimate the impact of stunning cutlery and crockery.

Speaking of the more decorative side of your kitchen s aesthetic, we recommend utilising any glass cupboards, shelving or sideboards by adorning with decorative glasses. Look for a variety; we offer everything from shot glasses to tumblers, champagne flutes to saucers. A mix of colours, with a few intricate patterns thrown in for good measure, is a recipe for interior heaven we d recommend time and time again.


For every attractive element we suggest, there s no escaping the fact that the kitchen is also one of the most practical rooms in the home. But not to worry, we can help there too – without diminishing any points on the style front.

First up, there s table linen. This can be aesthetically pleasing, of course, with a number of colours and prints available. Choice is key, and it s always handy to select a shade that complements your kitchen s colour scheme. We recommend only bringing out the linen on special occasions, but rest assured that it is washable, so any mishaps will be easily rectified. It s important to know. After all, things happen.

Next up, is the factor of kitchen storage – the holy grail of any kitchen. We know that it can be hard to find enough places to stow away all the bits and bobs mentioned above, and we also know that sometimes you want to keep things neat and tidy, yet still keep pieces on display. (There s no point buying the chicest accessories if no one ever sees them.) From copper dish drainers to wine racks and spice jars, there s plenty available to help whip that kitchen of yours into shape.

Naturally, food preparation is a key point to consider when catering to your kitchen s needs. To reinforce the aforementioned point, some items, such as wooden chopping boards and scales, are equal in style and substance, but even if you simply need those pieces that just get the job done, such as steaming pods and colanders, our range of accessories will rise to the challenge set by any recipe you decide to attempt.

Finally, while it may be a dirty business, there s no getting around the fact that we need to talk about kitchen bins. With all the food prep and dining, the waste piling up is inevitable – but with a stylish little (or large) bin from Habitat, this doesn t have to make for a rubbish situation. Choose from a range that encompasses traditional ribbed steel designs, lift off lids, swing lids, even recycling bins – and they come in a variety of colours too. So there you have it – our expert designers can even make bins look beautiful. Surely proof that, when it comes to accessorising kitchens, the collections at Habitat clean up all the competition.

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