Sep 6 2017

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Kitchen and Bath Decor – Serving Houston and its surrounding areas

Granite Countertops Selection

Choose from our wide array of granite countertops and save big! We are Houston’s leader in granite countertops. We have a large selection of granite located in the center of Houston to choose from whether you’re looking for a unique exotic look that will leave you speechless or whether you are looking to increase the property value of your home before you sell it. We have something from everyone! We service the Houston area and it’s surrounding suburbs with the largest selection of granite countertops.

It doesn’t stop there, we have lots of product options to offer: Undermount sinks and installation, custom edging and installation, and a natural stone sealer! At the amazing prices we are offering its no wonder we are the leader in granite countertops for Houston.

Granite Countertops has been proven to be one of the best remodeling choices for increasing value of a property. Granite countertops will essentially change the look of any kitchen or bathroom and give it a completely new look. Granite countertops help restore the look of an outdated kitchen or bathroom.

To Measure your countertops for granite please measure in inches. Take the length of your counters multiplied by the depth of your counters and divided that number by 144 to get the square footage for that section. The video above explains how to measure your counters. Bring in your measurements for an accurate estimate and added savings!

Why choose granite countertops?

Granite, is heat resistant and nearly impossible to scratch. It will not stain under normal use and it’s unaffected by citric acid, wine, tea, coffee and most anything else. Granite is also one of the best surfaces to resist bacteria which makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Granite is one of the hardest materials known. Quarried from mountains in Brazil, India, and Italy, to name a few, it consists of quartz, and feldspar. Granite is igneous meaning it formed naturally as molten rock millions of years ago.

Granite countertops are very durable and can only be scratched by something harder than granite. Diamonds, corundum, and other pieces of granite are usually the only things that will scratch granite countertops

Granite countertops can withstand heat up to 1200 degrees F. Unlike Corian or laminate countertops, granite won’t burn or mark –

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