Feb 13 2017

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Taming the Tupperware – Sand and Sisal #kitchen #planning

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Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Each year I make my New Years resolution to be more organized and efficient. I won’t tell you how long the resolution lasts but for the first few weeks in January my organizational motivation is in high gear! Taking on the kitchen cabinet organization is a major battle I’m ready for, but I’ve learned over the years to bite it off in small pieces. Organize one cabinet section a day. That way you won’t become overwhelmed.

My in-laws were staying with us during Christmas. I had many embarrassing moments as my mother in law sweetly helped me clean up the kitchen and put away leftovers, only to be assaulted by cascading containers crashing around her ankles as she opens my cupboards. (blush… nervous laugh… smile… she must think her son married a slob… oh goodness… must remedy this a.s.a.p.…).

Yes, that is an actual pic of my cabinet. I opened the doors oh-so-carefully.

DON’T BREATHE… it might fall any moment.

Yes, that’s the yellow pages in the cabinet corner. Which year it’s from, I’m not sure. WHO uses the yellow pages anymore except for as a booster for a child? They keep showing up each year on my doorstep. Save a tree people and stop printing them.

Start your cabinet organization by emptying the cabinet completely. As I started this process I removed a large woven chip dip basket only to find sawdust under it. I was perplexed. Why in the world would there be sawdust?

Upon further inspection I noticed a MEGA-multitude of tiny holes in the basket, along with micro webbing and possibly EGGS. GAG. I had just recently served chips and salsa in this very basket at a party a few weeks earlier. I’m horrified, but reminded of a saying my dad would always say… “a little extra protein never hurt anyone”. Excuse me while I go gag some more.

Now I’m REALLY motivated to remove, purge, and CLEAN every cabinet in my kitchen! After the cabinet is completely wiped down, go through all your “Tupperware” and decide what you actually NEED. I don’t own a single piece of actual “Tupperware”, but use inexpensive disposable containers.

I decided to toss 90% of all my old containers. The lids are always missing and there is no consistency to the type of container I owned. They were stained and warped and had seen better days. I highly recommend buying all new containers once a year. Stay with ONE brand throughout the year. This will solve the “why won’t this lid fit on anything?” issue. Disposable containers are very inexpensive, dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. I purchased a BPA free brand also. Only purchase what you actually need.

Maximize your storage space by using Cabinet Organizers. If I had my choice, all my lower cabinets would be deep drawers instead. These faux drawers really help cabinet space be fully utilized. This one is by Closetmaid and cost $27. I recommend a heavy duty faux drawer organizers for pots and pans. Those will run between $55- $80 each. The high end organizers are out of my post-Christmas budget, but I will be watching for sales.

The Cabinet Organizer installs in 5 minutes. I drilled 4 pilot holes for the screws, screwed in the base, and slid the drawer in place. Easy-peasy! The drawer pulls out 3/4 of it’s depth and holds all the new containers. The lids are grouped together in a separate old container. No more searching! I also purged any cookware I never use or cookware that was rusted.

Recycle your old containers if you can and donate any acceptable cookware. Organizing is all about streamlining and maximizing what you use most. Now I just have 11 cabinet sections to go! Baby steps. Need to organize a pantry? Click on New Year, New Pantry for more organizing ideas.

What do you have: lower cabinets or lower drawers? How do you contain your cabinet clutter? Share you tips!

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I love the immediate happy impact an organized kitchen gives. I have cabnets and drawers. My tupperware acts as storage- big bowls hold lids or smaller items. Unmatched tupperware containers are now in the pantry as small storage for snack extras. Pans not used regularly (think turkey pan) are placed in the pantry or other cabnet. I ll be sharing mine soon too. Nice job. I love seeing what others do.

I have a love/hate affair with Tupperware and try to use only Ziplock bags if I can. I keep 3 or 4 containers for soups or stews.

I wonder what the little critters were?

My cabinet looks just like yours! The kids were home over break and everything kept crashing down on them whenever they opened the doors. I ve got to purge!

I m with Blondie

I use a lot of ziplocs. I have switched to small glass containers and I buy the Target brand storage containers w/ lids ( by the foil ). That way if they get yucky or I need to send leftovers home with someone I don t need to worry about them. Did I mention they are inexpensive? I have some pull-out drawers and believe me they can look just as bad as your photo

don t ask me how I know lol. Plus stuff shifts and then you can t close the doors until you pull the stuff that fell behind the drawer. Sigh! Mine isn t too bad right now and I will get to it after I finish my closet

yeah that could be awhile!

Tupperware containers are a torture to organize, but you did an excellent job.

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