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Quotes (91)

(Talking about Steven getting his finger cut off)Tanya. So it doesn’t hurt at all? Steven. No, I’m impervious to pain. I can only feel pleasure. It’s a birth defect.

Jack. (narrating) Here’s the thing about second chances: Sometimes it comes down to one person’s opinion. And I gave that person the finger, literally.

Steven. Teddy cut my finger off, see. (Steven shows his severed hand and squirts Jack with blood)Jack. Oh, will you stop screwing around and sew it back on. Steven. Yeah, I would but umm, it’s not here.

(After Teddy accidentally chopped Steven’s finger off)Steven. Great. Anybody seen my fingertip? Jim. Look, it’s, it’s gone. Your fingertip is gone. Steven. Yeah, well it didn’t sprout legs, so it’s gotta be here somewhere.

Jim. Don’t touch my onions. I’m a trained chef, dammit, and I demand your respect you. you mother scratcher! Steven. Mother scratcher? Finally, you showed sack. Congratulations mate, you passed.

Reece. Look, I’ve been here since three restaurants ago. It’s under Ryder. (Mimi checks the book)Mimi. Yeah, umm, sorry I don’t see a Ryder. Reece. Oh, right, right. It’s under Daisy Miller. (Mimi checks the book again)Mimi. Umm, yeah. You can’t just pick a name out of the book and post a reservation. Reece. Are you calling me a liar? Mimi. No, no, not a liar. More of an opportunist.

(On the phone to Suze)Jack. Hey, can you sneak out? I want you here. We open in, like five minutes, I’m freaking out. Suze. I’d love to, but somebody stole my dishwashers. Jack. No, no, stole. No, no, borrow.

Jack. Ahh, the floor doesn’t make does decisions. I do. Mimi. The floor? Did you just call me the floor, like I’m something beneath you? Jack. No, no, we all know who you’re beneath. Mimi. Okay, Pino might have a soft spot for losers but I don’t. I’ve asked around and I found out what happened at your last two restaurants. I’ve invested way too much to let that happen here, so the second you make a single mistake, I’m gonna be there to take the picture. (Mimi walks away)Jack. Cheese! (Jim runs to Jack and gives him a block of cheese)Jim. Here you go. Jack. Get away from me.

Notes (21)

Original International Air Dates :
Czech Republic: December 3, 2011 on Prima COOL

Sam Pancake also guest-starred in the season premiere of Arrested Development. called “The Cabin Show”, which aired right before this episode on FOX.

The basis of Kitchen Confidential is based on renowned chef Anthony Bourdain’s best-selling autobiography.

Original International Air Dates :
Czech Republic: December 3, 2011 on Prima COOL

Frank Langella is credited as Special Guest Star.

Original International Air Dates :
Czech Republic: December 3, 2011 on Prima COOL

This episode features first, of two, appearance of Tony the hot dog vendor.

John Larroquette is credited as Special Guest Star.

Trivia (6)

When Teddy accidentally chops Steven’s finger off, Jack enters the kitchen and Steven squirts blood on the Nolita sign of Jack’s uniform from his left shoulder to his right torso (in a diagonal fashion). In the next scene, the blood on Jack’s uniform is not on the Nolita sign and is on his right chest to his left torso (also in a diagonal fashion).

John Cho’s character was supposed to be a full time cast member.

When the Adam (The creepy baker) is pointing at Teddy, he is initially pointing with his left hand but in the next shot, he his pointing with his right hand.

In the scene where Steven squirts ketchup over Becky’s dish, it is initially a dessert but in the next scene it is a plate with short-ribs.

Featured Music. “Leave your hat on” by Joe Cocker. “Get Down Tonight” by K.C. & The Sunshine.

This episode was streamed before its air date on the popular friends spot MySpace. It was shown on the Internet air waves from November 9, 2005 – November 14, 2005.

Allusions (2)

Jack. The man cupped my face, like I was Fredo. This quote refers to the Godfather Part 2, where Michael realises his brother, Fredo, has betrayed him. At the New Year’s party, Michael grasps Fredo by the head and kisses him.

Rambo When Steven tells Jack that he is a ‘sous-chef, not Rambo’ refers to the movie series, ‘Rambo’. The story is about a Vietnam War veteran, played by Sylvester Stallone, who is skilled in guerrilla warfare. The film has been criticized for its strong, mindless violence.

  • Fan Reviews (56)

  • One if the best comedy series I’ve seen!

    By AbigailZarate1. Jul 20, 2011

  • What is wrong with Fox? I mean 4 of 13 aired? Do they have a disease that makes them kill the best shows?

    By charblasaur. Dec 16, 2007

    One of the best Comedy shows ever, SO PLZZZ BRING IT BACK.

    By altaleh. Apr 28, 2009

  • Bring it back with a better script. GIVE THEM A CHANCE!!

    By lady_joanne85. Jul 25, 2008

    Could have been better but was decent for what it was.

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