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Kitchen Connection Inc

13700 S Broadway , Los Angeles , CA 90061 Map & Directions

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Reviews for Kitchen Connection Inc

THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD They are liars and engage in illegal business practices. They took our $1000 deposit two years ago and never responded to our numerous calls and letters. DO NOT pay attention to any other review that gave this company more than one star (unfortunately, the system will not even let me give them a zero star rating). We will be seeking legal damages.

Kitchen Remodeling The quality of work was superior; much better than any other contractor because you have a shafran construction. The materials used were of high quality. The workmen were polite,knowledgeable and always explained in detail when you have any questions. Every aspect of this project was a pleasure and the finished results are fantastic. Shafran construction scheduled many project with kithchen remodeling.

BUYER BEWARE OF BUSINESS WITH THE KITCHEN CONNECTIONS, INC Please proceed with extreme caution before contracting with this company to do your kitchen remodel. It is difficult to even find the words that can express how dissatisfied and frustrated my husband and I have been with the services of this company.

Kitchen Connection is working WITHOUTa license or bond. The so-called good reviews here are probably faked. This company, owner George Steinkamp, is as crooked as they come. He is building a mansion in Dana Pt and I bet he would never stand for the shoddy work at his own place. They made a huge mess at my house. I am still fighting eye problems from this. They covered nothing. They were abusive to my home and the plumbing was all done completely incorrectly. Lucky for me I had withheld half of the money. I refused to give in to their strong arm tactics to get money before completion. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. He even lied about his daughter being sick. he said that was why he couldn’t get on top of the problems sooner. He lied, his people were late every single day, the work was terrible. No license, no bond. I didn’t find that out til after they started. Shame on me for not checking better! Read the reviews on other sites. And then RUN.

Beware Suggest you go to California Contractor’s Board to check license. Wish I could upload photos of what my cabinets look like less than 2 yrs. later. Also, look at other websites for reviews.

WOW We are currently remodeling and chose the kitchen connection to reface the cabinets and replace the counter top and cabinet doors. Most of us enter such arrangements with a great deal of trepidation, not knowing whether the work would be done properly or whether we would be satisfied.

awe struck!! I just HAD to express my sincere thanks to the staff at the kitchen connection. At the risk of sounding like a bragger, my kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone who sees it is awe strruck- and im not just talking about my friends. Its not only about how beautiful my kitchen is, its also about the high standard of professionalism I experienced with this company! From our first meeting and continuing through completion, they always made themselves available for my questions and were quick to get back with answers and advice. Never once did i feel abandoned as so often happens after the papers are signed. They were terrific! Since this was my first re-model, I was a little nervous (we all hear the horror stories). But thanks to the talented team at the KC, this was not only a positive, painless experience, but the finished product exceeded my expectations. I couldnt be happier and look forward to working with them again!

A job well done. My husband and I cannot find the words to express our delight and appreciation for the great job The Kitchen Connection did in our home. I am certain that my spouse will now be even more inspired to cook due to our new kitchens clean and great looks (so there goes my diet)! We cannot wait for our friends and family to be here for the holidays. We are sure they will admire our new kitchen and we would definitely recommend The Kitchen Connection to them and to our other future guest.

Thanks much to The Kitchen Connection! The quality of work The Kitchen Connection produces is great. The salesman George Adler and the architect(who’s name I can’t remember) were very prompt and professional with their dealings with my mother. She is hard of hearing so I mostly dealt with the company but the few times she did have to speak with George he was patient and kind. We were exceptionaly pleased with the installer Greg,we appreciated him calling us to let us know when he was going to be late or not be at the sight at all.Not many vendors show that kind interest in their customers.Having been a past maintenance supervisor, I paid particular attention to the quality of workmanship and work habits of the installer, he was very meticulous in covering the floor to avoid marks or spills and did an excellent job of cleaning up after each days work.He was strictly business and finished a day ahead of schedule.This being of particular importance to my mother. My mother has since shown our relatives and her neighbors the terrific job done done to her kitchen and i am sure they will be contacting you in the future.

My name is Pat and I just had my kitchen refaced. The cabinet surgeon was Elmer Arden. Elmer was a very conscientious worker and very responsible. I am pleased to let everyone viewing this web-site know THAT I AM HAPPY WITH KITCHEN CONNECTION’S WORK !

WONDERFUL,WONDERFUL,WONDERUL! I had my kitchen done with The Kitchen Connection in June of 09 and I have to say that I am very pleased with the way my kitchen turned out. The new doors and drawers made a world of a difference. Their installer did a really nice job. He was also friendly, polite, and efficient.Anyway the new cabinets look wonderful. The only thing I’m sorry about is that I waited so long to have them re-do my kitchen.

Horrible Customer Service We hired the Kitchen Connection to install new custom cabinets in our kitchen in 2007 and are still dealing with problems three years later. The project that was quoted to take 2 weeks to install took 18 weeks to complete. The project began in February and install began on April 1, 2007. We made several attempts to involve the company owner, Chuck Hendrickson in helping us resolve the ongoing problems with the cabinet install, but he was unresponsive. He wouldn’t return calls or emails. We involved the BBB and the company ignored their attempts to assist in resolving the problems. We contacted the Contractors State License Board (CLSB) and the company responded that the job had been completed and the customers were happy, which was not true. There were major, irreversible errors made on our kitchen cabinets and we’ve lived with these errors since the install was completed. We settled our issues with the Kitchen Connection in January 2008. In the spring of 2009 we began seeing a powdery substance on one of the kitchen counters. Then we started seeing tiny holes in the cabinets where the powder was falling from. We had 4 exterminators provide us with an assessment of the problem. All four said there were Powder Post Beetles in the cabinets and the only way to eliminate this pest was to fumigate the house. There is no topical treatment for this wood eating pest. We contacted the Kitchen Connection many times and again waited and waited for a response. We also involved the Contractor’s State License board again. The Kitchen Connection called us ONLY after they had been contacted by the CSLB. The owner, Chuck said he was sending out another pest control company to get another opinion. (4 reputable companies were not enough!) The guy who came to the house was from Heavenbound Exterminators. I’d never heard of this company, so I tried locating information on them online. Didn’t find anything. I asked the person if he was a licensed exterminator and he said yes, but not licensed to treat for termites or other wood eating insects. He confided in me he was only at my home to get the $200 dollars he was charging the Kitchen Connection to do the inspection. About a week later I contacted Chuck with the Kitchen Connection to advise that he had sent an unlicensed exterminator to my home who was only out to collect some money. Chuck said he thought he was licensed. Chuck refused to do anything about the problem and said he felt the Powder Post Beetles were gone. He said, I’m not going anywhere, if they come back, call me. Well, they have returned and now our cabinet is looking more and more like swiss cheese. We’ve emailed and called Chuck several times with no response.

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