Feb 13 2017

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New Kitchen Cupboard Doors

The large surface area and position of your kitchen cupboard doors mean that they have perhaps the greatest influence over the look and feel of your kitchen. Choosing between a high gloss, real wood or hand painted finish cupboard doors is pivotal in achieving the right kitchen for you.

Light coloured kitchen doors can look at their best when they are contrasted with a darker coloured work surface. Having fun with textures, colours, contrasts and compliments is a big part of the process in designing your kitchen and our extensive range of kitchen doors allows you the freedom to do exactly that. We offer so many high quality products that you are unlimited in the decisions and choices you make.

Our kitchen showrooms give you the opportunity to see our products in a situational environment. There is no substitute to first-hand experience, allowing you to look at and touch the kitchen doors in our range, placing them against a variety of work surfaces to find exactly the look you want.

By using cutting edge computer aided design, you will be able to apply the combinations of kitchen doors, handles and complimentary work surfaces to your own kitchen space to get a full appreciation of how your chosen kitchen doors will look in-situ.

A highly trained and experienced design team is crucial in guiding you every step of the way. Ensuring that you have considered all the options in our extensive range of quality doors, we help you to make the right choices for all aspects of your kitchen project and we make sure to balance your needs with your budget.

Our high quality kitchen doors always come beautifully furnished. Kitchen door handles should serve both functionally and aesthetically. We take great care in designing durable, tactile and elegant door handles in a wide variety of styles and sizes to add an all-important final touch of artistry.

Quality of finish is a priority and across our range of unique and well-crafted kitchen doors, quality is guaranteed. From handles to soft closers, we supply and fit only the products that pass our own stringent quality checks.

Kitchen facelifts are one of our specialities. At Dream Doors we love to amaze our customers by surpassing their expectations. Bringing new life to your kitchen units by replacing your kitchen doors can give an entirely new feel to your kitchen and to your home, and we are brilliant at it. Our facelifts don’t just cover kitchen doors, we can work magic to achieve your new look kitchen in many ways…and with a minimum of disruption too.

Whether you are looking to replace your kitchen doors, have a full kitchen makeover or opt for a complete kitchen refit, at Dream Doors we have the product range, skill and experience to meet your requirements. Take a look here at our website to get an appreciation of the door styles we can offer, or visit your local Dream Doors showroom and meet our designers for a free, no obligation quote.

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