Jul 12 2017

Kitchen Curtains #kitchen #supply

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Kitchen Curtains

Potential Delays Using Paypal

Please bear in mind that if you are paying with Paypal and you have either

  • An Unverified Account
  • Or An Unconfirmed Address

This will cause delays in shipping your order with

What are Unverified Accounts and Unconfirmed Addresses?

When you register as a new Paypal user – orders that you place will be from an Unverified Account
If you are existing user and you add a new shipping destination – the address will be Unconfirmed

In both these situations your order will need to be manually reviewed at Paypal and and this may delay your order. In order for us to provide our usual speedy service when paying via Paypal – please ensure that you have Verified Account and you are having items shipped to an address that has been Confirmed. If you are unsure – the safest way is to click back below and pay using Credit/Debit card.

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