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Kitchen Designs for Everyone – Free download and software reviews – CNET, kitchen planning software.#Kitchen

Kitchen planning softwareKitchen Designs for Everyone

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Kitchen planning software

out of 18 votes

  • 5 star

out of 18 votes

  • 5 star

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Go software for re-doing a kitchen

Go software for re-doing a kitchen

Kitchen planning software lv1inslut4u March 18, 2010 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

2010-03-18 23:20:37 | By lv1inslut4u

It was FREE, and it was easy to get started and use.

Could have been more detailed on dimensioning.

Great free software for getting an idea for kitchen designs, and planning one.

Kitchen planning software kitchen21 September 14, 2008 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

2008-09-14 22:46:48 | By kitchen21

Kitchen planning software sguz December 29, 2007 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

2007-12-29 22:31:43 | By sguz

visually it will not frighten a beginner

It assumes all rooms are square (Uk and Europe’s housing stock is about 80% pre World War Two in design. not square they have protrusions in the rooms (called chimney breasts). This does not allow the majority of users to factor in any outcrops or odd shapes to a room. The object choice is limited and very rigid in its options The help menu only helps in the strictest sense of the word . it assumes you speak the help dictionaries language. what exactly does the program mean by dimensions in the program usage of the word/term

Not matter what you tried the windows and doors insisted on remaining in the middle of the 3d drawing. Visually it is easy on the eye to use . but the practical use is lacking.

Kitchen planning software reco35 October 19, 2007 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

2007-10-19 02:40:05 | By reco35

Kitchen planning software ishul September 16, 2006 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

2006-09-16 10:23:00 | By ishul

It doesn’t work properly at all.

It is wasting of time to install it.

Awful! Many features don t work.

Awful! Many features don t work.

Kitchen planning software bhucker January 22, 2006 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

2006-01-22 11:40:17 | By bhucker

The 3D view is stunnning at first — until you rotate the view and find that your view of one wall of the room is obscured because you are looking at it from _behind_ cabinets and appliances on the opposite wall.

The program is obviously untested and incomplete. You select a wall cabinet and it drops to the floor and can’t be placed on the wall. You change the height of a cabinet to something the program doesn’t like, and it just ignores the change. You try to add a sink and it demands that you place the sink on a cabinet, but then it won’t let you do that. You try to delete something, and a dialog box tells you — in Chinese fractured English — to select one item first, which you already have done. Don’t waste your time.

Works well for a basic program.

Works well for a basic program.

Kitchen planning software Wayne June 28, 2005 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

2005-06-28 22:03:39 | By Wayne

It does what it claims and you CAN add one cabinet/refrigerator/stove at a time. All you have to do is read the instructions that come with the download.

It will allow you to use different colors but the only real value of this feature is to differentiate individual items.

There are a couple of drawbacks though. The major one is that it is the files are proprietary which means you can’t email them to your cabinet maker.

Also, for some reason, they won’t let you lower the height of the dishwasher (you can do it with the cabinets) and who ever heard of a 40 inch high dishwasher?

Excellent program for home user.

Excellent program for home user.

Kitchen planning software darryl.gjm April 11, 2005 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

2005-04-11 21:40:44 | By darryl.gjm

I downloaded the program and within 30 minutes had my Kitchen programmed in and began to play with the modifications I had envisioned. Those who have had difficulties may not have taken the minute or so it takes to go through the built in tutorial. Most inputting is done in the kitchen properties window by selecting which wall you are modifying. Top, Bottom, Left or Right.

The program some nice automatic features like aligning counters and cabinets to be the same height. Changing colors or floors is great to picture what they would look like.

The program does have some limitations. Someone has mentioned no microwave available. Though I was able to add a stove, I could not get the dimensions I wanted – manual entries were not available. Though you can add a limited selection of lights and fans, outlets and switches are not an option. I could not figure out how to program a soffit above the cabinets. Maybe I am asking too much, but it does not analyze your layout design.

Good with some flaws

Good with some flaws

Kitchen planning software August 26, 2004 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

Really nice, free user-friendly program (though as an engineer I would have liked more). Allows details such as colored door knobs, various sinks, sliding doors, a selection of floor, wall, ceiling and cabinet styles. Limited to square-shaped kitchens. Can’t add stove without the oven; no microwave etc. Might need to update your ms directx 9.0 for 3D viewing. Some bugs in 3D view (as other people mentioned). In response to the slow-learners who could not insert individual cabinets: right click in 2D view, select “properties”, select a view and add an item and its dimensions, color and style. It’s not that difficult!

Kitchen planning software February 18, 2004 / Version: Kitchen Designs for Everyone 2.0

Unable to insert single custom units. this is a ver restrictive application that does not allw for individualisation. Good graphics and thats about it.

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