Mar 31 2017

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Renovating your home is a great way to take care of your house and keep it looking fresh and appealing. A big renovation project, however, is only a small aspect of home maintenance. Keeping your house in top shape is a full-time job that starts the moment you buy your house. One particular thing we at e-Hardware get asked about frequently are door handles and how to best take care of them. Maintaining this area of your home can benefit the first impressions and tactile quality of your home no end, so here are some key hardware maintenance tips for your door handles and door knobs.

I am and have always been a DIY man. I thrive off of achieving and learning new skills and I have certainly noticed in recent years, DIY has surged in popularity. I put this down to online tutorials, guide books, and do-it-yourself videos, therefore it has never been easier to upgrade both your home and your DIY skills.

DIY has become one of the key It phenomena in the past years, which I personally am very pleased about – being a keen DIYer myself. The benefits of doing-it-yourself are undeniable. You gain experience, you don’t have to deal with contractors, you improve your skills, and most importantly, you save money if you do it right. While it is not necessarily advisable to knock down your walls and build a new window where there was none, menial jobs such as taking care of squeaky floors and door hinges, scuffed parquet floors, or changing your door locks don’t require much skill.

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