Jun 21 2018

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KLR Kitchens have established themselves as the best kitchen fitters Belfast has to offer and this is a view shared by many of our customers. We have gone from strength to strength in this industry by offering diverse services of the highest quality. We cater for both commercial and residential customers, providing dynamic installations that cannot be matched by our competitors. With over 20 years’ experience, KLR Kitchens have the qualities to complete any project on time and with very little disruption to your everyday life.

We have won numerous kitchen fitting awards throughout Northern Ireland for the quality of our renovations but we also provide some of the most cost-effective kitchen solutions. We have our own in-house carpenters, plumbers and electricians, so we do not waste your time or money by having to hire expensive sub-contractors. This makes us unique when compared to other contractors in the area. When we give you a price, that price is final, as our jobs never go over budget.

Our prices are unbeatable and we challenge our customers to try to find a better quote elsewhere. All our fittings are fully guaranteed, so you know there is longevity in our support. We focus strongly on customer service and our team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if need be. We offer a complete solution, from the removal of your old kitchen to the final installation of the cabinets. Our design team will provide as many drafts as necessary, until you are completely happy with solution and provide the most extensive kitchen design Belfast has to offer. If your kitchen requires remodelling, then give us a call for a no obligation quotation. If you are interested in a great quality kitchen fitting, at a more than reasonable price, contact us now.

Who We Are

KLR Kitchens are renowned for their commitment to quality. It is true to say that today’s kitchen feels more like the heart of the home than ever before. While we spend more time in our kitchens we start to realise how important it is to create a space – not just for food preparation and eating, but for socializing and relaxing. We will help you realise your dream of having an efficient, pleasant space, that’s well organised and well lit. A place where you can feel comfortable relaxing with your family or entertaining friends.

You may be quite happy with your existing kitchen but have some feature or fixture you are not happy with. We will help you modify your existing installation, resolving issues with lighting, opening cramped spaces or any other modification that will help the space reach its true potential. You may love the charm of your old traditionally styled house but absolutely loathe that galley kitchen or just fancy a change. All these factors and many hundreds more give you a good reason to spruce up, re-configure or simply tear out your existing fitting.

Contacting us via phone or e-mail for:

  • Full kitchen installations
  • Full kitchen designs
  • Modifications to an existing kitchen
  • Kitchen flooring and backsplashes
  • Bespoke kitchens
  • Handmade kitchen cabinets

The best form of advertising we have is our beautiful fitted kitchens in our clients homes. Word of mouth makes up 70% of all of our business. Once our client’s friends.

Quality Kitchens

For more than 10 years we’ve been making quality furniture and custom made cabinets, with this being one of the main reasons we are the best kitchen fitters Belfast use. During that period, our production costs have soared but we have some how managed to keep our costs low. We have since then branched out to working with component companies who fabricate parts for our kitchen cabinets. These component manufacturers make a variety of products from simple wooden boxes to complex constructs that cover an entire wall. These components are sent to us as flat-packed and all we have to do is assemble them in our workshop. The finer details for the trim and paneling are still fabricated by us in our workshop and it is this step that sets us apart from the rest. Many retailers like IKEA sell flat-pack furniture on a huge scale to money conscious DIY enthusiasts, out to save some money. With these flat-packed assemblies comes detailed and extensive instructions that guide the user in assembling their products.

Component Manufacturers

Some component manufacturers deal in mechanical produced components constructed of MDF which is veneered with a more attractive material. The manufacturers we work with use only solid wood framing, doors and shelves when constructing their components. These manufacturers send us their product range in extensive catalogues but we can also ask them to create us bespoke components depending on what we need for our clients. They have a cab-part range that allows us to pick and choose various shapes we can use to create our own kitchen furniture. At this moment we buy our doors from one manufacturer, our panels from another and our drawers we make ourselves. This methodology helps us to build high quality custom made furniture but keep our prices affordable and amenable to everyone.

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