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Kitchen Hutch Ideas, kitchen hutch.#Kitchen #hutch

Kitchen Hutch Ideas

A hutch can be an ideal addition to your kitchen or dining room. Find ideas here that will inspire elegant displays of fine china or heirlooms while adding practical storage space.

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A Freestanding Hutch for Added Kitchen Storage

A freestanding hutch replaces an old built-in cabinet in this kitchen. It displays fine china and other personal heirlooms with an open storage space above and closed cabinetry below, with a dark stain that provides a perfect contrast to the crimson walls. The maple-colored ledge brings continuity to the kitchen by matching the floors and other woodwork.

Cottage-Style Kitchen Hutch

A smaller hutch may still provide enough storage in your kitchen and can be easily moved to a different room whenever desired. This blue hutch exudes a cottage-like appearance, and adds to the decor of the room. The color fits in beautifully with the blue-and-white color scheme on the walls and tiled floors. Solid doors below create hidden storage space, while the glass doors on top allow for an attractive display of china.

Built-in Hutch

A built-in hutch may be the best decision for your kitchen design, because it can add an ample amount of storage and still provide room for visual displays. In this kitchen, the hutch doubles as storage unit and a kitchen office, making the most out of the space. The white cabinets match the woodwork found throughout the rest of the kitchen, and the dark countertop makes for a perfect workspace, adding a splash of color to the white woodwork.

Glass-Door Kitchen Hutch

Glass doors on both the top and bottom of this vintage-style hutch display and protect fine china. Its amber color offsets the creamy white of the other kitchen cabinets.

Find Inspiration From Your Fine China

This vivid green hutch serves as the focal point in the kitchen and makes the perfect background for the antique dishes. Both the china and the woodwork share similar ornate details, unifying the decor. The vintage style shelving blends well in this kitchen, complemented by an antique chandelier that matches the traditional style of the room. Place your shelving atop closed cabinetry to create additional storage and make the most out of the space.

Maximize Space with a Built-in Hutch

This built-in hutch serves as a second sideboard, showing off a beautiful collection of dishes and glassware. Closed cabinetry below adds additional storage space below that elegantly hides any clutter that might build up over the years.

Create a Baking Cabinet

Turn an old armoire or hutch into a fun and functional baking cabinet. See how!

Furniture-Style Cabinetry for Your Hutch

Add a personal flair to your kitchen with furniture-style cabinetry that acts as your hutch. Here, the warm wood tones of the cabinetry match the floors, ensuring that the hutch fits in beautifully in the kitchen. Three different levels provide an ample amount of storage space while adding beauty and style to the room. On top, square glass-paneled doors create an ideal place for fine china displays. Just below that, paneled doors match the glass above but hide clutter sitting behind. Finally, solid wooden cabinetry sits close to the floor for a solid element that connects the floor to the cabinetry.

Center Your Hutch Around a Window

Add a unique twist to your hutch by building it around a window. Glass-front cabinets displaying tablewares flank an original window to dress this built-in unit as a china breakfront. Its handsome walnut counter — at a lower height than nearby granite counters — also furthers the illusion of freestanding furniture, providing a small workspace if desired and separating the glass-front cabinets from the solid cabinetry below. Pull-out shelves beneath the workspace add another practical element, and allow for easy access. Blend your hutch with the remainder of the kitchen by using soft colors that mesh well with the flooring and walls.

Freestanding Cabinets for a Hutch-like Appearance

A unique hutch-like appearance can be attained with multiple freestanding cabinets. Here, three cabinets are all finished with identical classic crown molding to unify the look. A layered look, with the two outside cabinets sitting just in front of the middle one, makes the unit more interesting. The off-white cabinets match the other woodwork found in the kitchen to ensure continuity, and glass doors allow for a display of china or other heirlooms that can easily be changed. Obtain a similar look in your home by layering cabinets and creating a look that blends well with the colors in your kitchen.

Hutch with Open Shelving

Find the perfect hutch for your kitchen by blending its tones with the hues on the walls, like this creamy off-white hutch. Make sunlight reflect off of the hutch by using beveled-glass doors on the cabinetry. An open shelving area between two glass doors, such as on the hutch in this kitchen, provides an idyllic focal point to display your unique personal flair. Hidden storage space below hides clutter while the beautiful finish adds a quiet elegance.

Antique Kitchen Hutch

Add an eclectic touch to your kitchen with an antique hutch. In this kitchen, the hutch matches the wooden table, blending in beautifully with the d ?>

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