Jul 31 2017

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Rubber-Cal offers Rubber Kitchen Mats made of synthetic elastomers. Although not quite as affordable as their recycled rubber counterparts, they do offer a superior level of resistance against hazards like cooking oils and greasy byproducts. Chef mats made from Nitrile Rubber are made to resist oils. As noted earlier, help keep things even tidier on the chef mats themselves, some of our floor mats for kitchen are meant to function as drainage mats. These come with special drainage holes or channels that help facilitate the exit of liquids and even small solid particles away from the surface of the mats. These are the ways our kitchen comfort mats can combat the hazards of excess liquids while keeping the mats themselves clean.

The benefits of our water resistant flooring also leads to another very important trait provided by our Rubber Kitchen Mats: safety. An increased resistance to moisture provides for an increased resistance to slips. A misplaced foot can cause a potentially costly slip and fall accident. Rubber Kitchen Mats are the ideal solution to keep you and everyone else safe. The primary reason behind this safety feature of our kitchen comfort mats is the rubber material itself. Rubber possesses a high level of grip that helps improve traction for your feet. Our floor mats for kitchen use utilize this slip resistant material extensively to enhance your security. Even water has a tough time making rubber slippery.

Our Rubber Kitchen Mats are also designed to keep you comfortable. Cooking can be a strenuous activity that requires a lot of standing around. This is especially true in restaurant kitchens where there is supposed to be a high volume of output. Keeping the chefs comfortable is key to maintaining productivity. Rubber is the ideal material to use for kitchen comfort mats because of its elasticity. Some of our drainage mats are specially designed to provide more bounce and comfort. Rubber Kitchen Mats are good for relieving stressful pressure from sore ankles and backs, allowing for more productivity from your kitchen crew as well as yourself. Rubber’s anti-fatigue capabilities really shine in venues like commercial kitchens.

Given these excellent qualities, Rubber Kitchen Mats are the perfect investment for any residential or commercial kitchen. Our line of excellent chef mats is only further enhanced by the superior levels of anti-slip safety and anti-fatigue comfort. Both you and your existing surfaces deserve to be protected against damages that can be very costly to repair. We also aim to provide you with a variety of Rubber Kitchen Mats to choose from, so you can have a drainage mats for extra cleanliness or a synthetic rubber mat for greasy areas. No matter what mat you choose, you will be safe, comfortable, and happy cooking up your next grand meal!

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