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Kitchen Mats

Kitchen mats keep busy kitchen and food preparation areas safe. Use our kitchen mats for isolated areas or interlocking rubber tiles to mat larger areas. Kitchen mats are dense rubber mats that provide for fatigue relief, comfort, and proper water drainage. Keep your walking areas safe from grease, moisture, and food with our wide selection of kitchen mats and rubber mats.

Lightweight version of the Comfort Zone Kitchen Mats, these Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Mats offer wide drainage holes and surface design which increases traction and adds comfort.

• Light-weight for easy cleaning and maneuverability
• Available 1/2″ thick
• Tapered-beveled edges prevent trips and falls

Residential Kitchen Mats include kitchen floor mats design for comfort and beauty. These kitchen mats are commercial-grade in their construction but come in a variety of styles, colors and textures. Our residential kitchen mats are sleek and comfy!

• 3 stylish surface designs with 13 colors in all
• Long-lasting and easy to clean
• Beautifies any kitchen and provides unparalleled comfort

Rubber Drainage Mats are heavy-duty rubber mats with a raised surface design to scrape off debris and drainage holes to remove moisture.

• Raised surface design effectively scrapes off debris; allows moisture to drain
• 3/8″ low-profile kitchen mat is ideal for food carts and dollies
• Anti-Bacterial treated
• Nitrile rubber floor mat, ideal for indoor / outdoor applications

Comfort Drainage Kitchen Mats are heavy-duty, anti-fatigue kitchen mats that offer superior comfort and excellent traction.

• Most comfortable commercial kitchen mat
• Available 9/16″ thick
• Grease proof and anti-microbial treated

A large-hole drainage system and textured top surface facilitates drainage and minimizes slippage.

• Great for stand alone mat environments
• Available 5/8″ thick
• Broad-beveled borders on all 4 sides are molded to the mat

Complete Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mats are the most recent innovation among comfort mats. These mats can be cleaned in a commercial restaurant dishwasher or even a commercial washer and dryer.

• Nitrile rubber material offers durability and long-lasting comfort.
• Available 5/8″ thick.
• Optional drainage holes available.

With Cushion Ease Kitchen Mat Tiles you can easily create custom configurations on-site. The tiles provide exceptional fatigue relief.

• Resilient, 100% nitrile rubber
• Available 3/4″ thick
• Large-hole drainage and maximum support

These rubber runner mats have slotted holes for drainage, a wiper blade underside for traction, and a raised knob surface to enhance comfort.

• Grease-proof 100% nitrile rubber
• Available 3/8” thick
• Easy to cut on-site for custom configuration

Our Sanitop Kitchen Mat is a resilient rubber mat featuring a large-hole/ small-hole drainage system. This rubber mat provides both comfort and durability.

• Beveled edges on all 4 sides
• Available 1/2″ thick
• Excellent drainage

This rubber runner mat features a solid-top knobbed construction. Mat is reversible to extend service life.

• All colors are grease-proof
• Available 1/4″ thick
• Low profile allows carts to rollover with ease

The only rubber mat that is specifically formulated to perform in deep-freeze environments. Anti-slip matting that features a raised knob solid top surface

• Performs well to minus 40°F
• Available 3/8″ thick
• Mat cannot be perforated

A mat that is manufactured for the highest durability and longevity for the toughest of environments. Anti-slip matting that features a raised knob solid top surface and drainage holes, making it easier to clean. Embedded Nylon fibers provide extra toughness, and negate the possibility of ripping.

• Performs well to minus 45 o F and to 400 o F heat
• Available in 5/8″ thickness
• Does not crack, tear and is extremely resistant to cuts.

• Textured surface removes debris and allows moisture to drain through
• 9/16″ thick for outstanding comfort and durability
• Anti-Microbial treated Nitrile rubber; oil and grease proof
• Ideal for heavy-usage, indoor / outdoor areas

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