Nov 29 2017

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A disorganized pantry doesn’t just waste time, it wastes money. Quit letting good food expire because you can’t find it

Making the most of your available kitchen cabinet and pantry space is not as challenging as it may appear. There are just two key principles you need to follow: Accessibility and organization.

Make your food items accessible so you don’t lose boxes, cans or containers in the back of your cabinet or pantry. If you don’t know the food is there, you won’t use it and it will go to waste. The key is to organize food and containers so you can both see and reach them easily. To make products more visible, customers will often use lazy susan turntables in their upper cabinets to reach spices and other small bottles. These are also a good choice for upper shelves in a deep pantry. Another choice that works well for shallower cabinets is to use our tiered cabinet shelves that make product much easier to see and pluck out from the back of a crowded cabinet or pantry. A smart choice for both upper and lower cabinets is to use a pull-out organizer. This is a tray that is securely attached to your cabinet and slides-out on rails so you can both see and easily reach food items

Organizing your cabinet is easy. For dried goods, and those not easily stacked or stored in an open bin, we recommend lidded containers. Many of the food containers we offer that fit in a cabinet have a silicon seal to keep food fresh, yet another great way to prevent wastage. Containers are a smart choice for storing breakfast cereal and other bulk goods, baking supplies and staples such as rice or sugar. For sauce packets, pudding mix and other smaller items a pantry bin or basket is a smart choice. Our clear pantry bins allow easy access and are clear, allowing you to easily see the contents. Another stylish option is to use a wire basket to store bags of nuts, beef jerky or other bulky items that don’t quite fit on a pantry bin, but where you don’t have enough quantity to use an air-tight container.

We hear from our customers all the time that organizing their kitchen cabinets and food storage is the one home organizing project that saves them money. We’re here and ready to help with a wide selection of products for organizing pantries, upper cabinets and lower cabinets.

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