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Kitchen Colors

Choosing paint colors for the kitchen cabinets and walls can be a hard task for someone who is either inexperienced in this area or not quite finished redoing their house. If you are in the latter situation, do you pick a neutral color such as brown, beige, or white so that it will match almost any décor, or do you choose a bright and vibrant kitchen color and design the rest of your house according to this room? It is extremely important to consider the style and décor of the rest of your home painting colors when choosing kitchen paint colors because this room is typically the focal point of the house. In order to make your interior design flow throughout your home, the color schemes of each of your rooms should be similar, with a few contrasts. With that being said, you also want to make sure you do not choose a kitchen color schemes with white cabinets that is dull and boring.

A trip to your local paint or home improvement store will give you an idea of the many paint options available for your home as well as specific color design ideas for a kitchen. If you are looking for ideas for kitchen paint colors. Here you will find a variety of kitchen painting ideas, designs, and color schemes to help you in your remodel. The best kitchen paint colors are typically ones that induce happiness and excitement, as well as a feeling of hunger. Many restaurants incorporate this into their design by painting the walls with relaxing yellows and rich browns. In 2016, the top colors for a kitchen typically include neutrals, yellows, reds, browns, and tans. Whether modern, contemporary, traditional, or vintage, will play a large role in what colors of paint you choose. Simple kitchen designs with paint colors include vivid reds, blacks, and whites to complement the chrome and stainless steel fixtures.

Pair this color scheme with a stunning granite countertop and you will have a bold and daring look that is fitting of any modern home. If you want to create an Italian themed room you can integrate dark reds, oranges, and browns. Add some decorative accent pieces such as gold toned curtains, glass mosaics, and wrought iron light fixtures to really spice up your 2016 kitchen design ideas. A yellow and blue color scheme is especially great for country style kitchens; these muted colors are very traditional and evoke a down to earth style. Incorporate simple cream colored curtains, ceramic tile counters, and even a small window herb garden and your kitchen will give off the look and feel of one located in the French countryside. Oranges, apricots, and golden yellow kitchen color ideas tend to evoke a warm and cozy feel and are great for a more traditional or Victorian color scheme.

For the perfect diy makeover, color rich palettes with vibrant blues, tans, and browns and blacks is characteristic of best kitchen backsplash ideas. Paint your kitchen walls with a soothing blue to go perfectly with dark brown stained kitchen cabinets. Install black or stainless steel kitchen appliances and you will have created a contemporary kitchen that all your friends will be jealous of! Keep reading to hear about other fantastic kitchen painting ideas that can get you on your way to designing the kitchen of your dreams. Unlike when choosing top 2016 kitchen colors . in the kitchen you do not need to stay away from dark hues that can make the room appear smaller. Choosing a dark color for your kitchen can actually help hide stains and marks that occur during cooking.

When choosing paint colors for walls and cabinets you want to make sure you find a product that is resistant to stain and heat. The kitchen is an area of the house that is subject to stains from juices, sauces, and grease while cooking, markers and paints from children, and dirt and mud from pets. With all these factors it is important to find a paint that is durable and can stand up to anything. One way to prevent unsightly stains is to choose kitchen cabinet colors that are dark, such as browns, blacks, navies, and even dark greens. These dark colors will help hide marks and discoloration in the unfortunate event that a spill occurs. In addition to unsightly stains, between the stove and oven, your kitchen walls and cabinets can be exposed to high temperatures that could potentially warp the cabinets, peel the paint, or even cause burn marks on the walls.

When shopping, make sure to search for modern kitchen designs and products that can help prevent, or hide, stains, marks, and other discolorations that are likely to occur in the kitchen. When it comes to yearly trends in kitchen paint colors 2016 was the year of both vibrant and neutral colors. Burgundy, yellow, gray, and pink were popular 2016 hues that adorned walls, appliances, cabinets and accessories throughout this year. Kitchen color trends, on the other hand, include more vivid but elegant hues. Yellows, purples, reds, and blues have decorated the walls of kitchens, as well as many other rooms in the home. These dramatic colors complement both the modern and contemporary kitchen designs that many homeowners have chosen to embellish their homes with. Stay tuned to see what kinds of eclectic colors and design trends 2016 will bring.

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