Jan 22 2018

Kitchen Range: Hobs, Sinks, Ovens for Modern Kitchens, kitchen hobs.#Kitchen #hobs

Household appliances and sinks for modern and contemporary kitchens

Kitchen hobs

Barazza offers a wide selection of OVENS that perfectly matches its hobs and sinks, to fully meet any cooking needs. Barazza OVENS come in different t.

Kitchen hobs

Barazza makes different types of HOBS, in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. There are gas, barbecue, teppanyaki, induction and glass ceramic.

Kitchen hobs

Cooker Hoods

An exclusive collection of Barazza COOKER HOODS made entirely of extra thick stainless steel. High performance is assured thanks to the use of powerf.

Kitchen hobs


Barazza SINKS stand out for their advanced aesthetic style and completely ergonomic design. They offer great functionality and a widely differentiated.

Kitchen hobs


Barazza offers a full range of functional accessories, designed to improve operations in the kitchen.

Kitchen hobs

Square Bowls

A wide range of modular SQUARE BOWLS, available in different compositions; each bowl can be selected according to individual taste and can be freely m.

Kitchen hobs

Accessorised Channels

ACCESSORISED CHANNELS is a range of extra thick stainless steel products, created to make your worktop completely practical and efficient. Areas acces.

Kitchen hobs

The TAPS collection is practical, versatile, sophisticated and contemporary in style, made up of elements that coordinate with any type of bowl and si.

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Kitchen hobs

For on-line purchases, Barazza recommends only authorized dealers marked with the logo “Barazza Official e-tailer”. Subject to and without prejudice to the rights that the consumer has toward the Seller, Barazza informs that the manufacturer warranty is not granted for the aboved mentioned purchases.

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