Aug 31 2017

Kitchen Storage Bins Supplier & Dustbins Manufacturer in India #squires #kitchen

#kitchen waste bins


Kitchen Storage Bins | Dustbins | Pantry Bins | Waste Bins

Individual Station

Institutions, Off ices, Parks Play Areas, Commercial Centre

Recyclable dry waste like used paper, wrappers, and biodegradable wet waste like vegetable peels, spent tea dips and disposable cups etc, are voluminous and get accumulated faster.

Stylish and Space Efficient

FRONTIER® is a leading manufacturer of Kitchen Waste Bins, Dustbins, Pantry Bins and Kitchen Storage Bins. These bins are stylish and sleek, and can contain large quantity of waste and still be space efficient.

We use high quality materials and leverage high end technology to manufacture these bins. Not only our kitchen waster bins are stylish and sleek, they’re affordable as well – and this is what makes us a respected and sought-after dustbins / pantry bins manufacturer & supplier in India.

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