Apr 29 2017

Kitchen Stuff Plus – Kitchen & Bath – 583 Danforth Ave, Greektown, Toronto, ON #small

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Kitchen Stuff Plus

I love KSP in terms of gadgetry and selection and this store is really nice physically though service is sorely lacking. Unlike the Yonge store, staff aren t too bright at this location or knowledgeable of what s on hand or proper use.

What really bothers me is the mass collection of phone numbers and email which has gotten way out of hand. For a $6 purchase I m going to keep my receipt like a normal person or eat the loss if it breaks in a year. Yet every single time, constant badgering for these personal details so their marketers can resell them to their partners.

Consider what happened after radio shack went under, the most valuable part of their business was their customer database and they sold it shamelessly.

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I bought the basic model toaster in January from their Yonge and Bloor store, which has since closed. I mentioned yesterday when I was shopping that it never worked right to the manager as she was helping me shop.
She immediately told me about their one year store warranty.
Today I returned the toaster. I paid $16 for it. I was given an In store credit for the full amount which I promptly applied to a much better toaster.

Great customer service by the duty manager yesterday, M******.

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I have noticed a pattern in the Danforth store that is very disturbing. Whenever I have been at the counter and have overheard a return taking place, if the person was white, the return policy was applied very liberally. Meaning, the staff look it over, discuss that it might have been used, then agree to the return. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have seen a brown or black person who appears to have a lower income than their Riverdale patrons–and most often Muslim customers (there is a large Muslim population in walking distance from this store)–the staff hold the line firmly on the return policy. No returns if the product might have been used. Their behaviour is consistent. I, a white person, intervened in one case forcing them to apply the return as they do with their white customers. I am ashamed to say that I did not in other cases. I hope this review will get some action.

In general, the customer service at this store is abysmal, but let s add racism to the mix. I realize that a manager is a woman of colour, but that doesn t seem to change things. Brown and black people who appear to have a lower income status are being treated unfairly.

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Think twice before purchasing anything at this store and never buy at full price! They have sales constantly, if you purchase and the item goes lower within 2 weeks they will only give you a credit note, not a refund like every other reputable store. They also expect you to bring the item back in the original box if you want to refund and buy it again at the sale price. You can find the same or similar items at Homesense and not have to fight to get a refund or exchange. I will not be back.

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We need a new rating of zero, or at least, minus one star because that s what I would give these people, who have absolutely NO IDEA of what customer service means.

This store sells cheap, Made In China crap that you could probably find in a Dollarama or Wal-Mart. The big difference is, especially with Wal-Mart, is that they will cheerfully refund your money. Don t even THINK of that happening with KSP. Their policy? Get this. if they can t turn around and resell what you ve brought back? Then you are SOL. How stupid and unreasonable is THAT. Can you imagine a retailer like Shoppers or Canadian Tire having such an absurd policy?

When Danforth s charming store manager (I m being sarcastic here. Trust me. she was anything but) informed me of this, I was gobsmacked. I could not believe it! So that means, dear shoppers, that if you buy something here and it falls apart, which is very possible given the poor quality of the merchandise, they will not refund your money. Nice little scam, yes? No wonder they ve done so well.

Now if this weren t enough to convince you, I bought my friend one of those plastic wine cooler things. She used it twice and the second time, it ended up leaking bright blue liquid all over her white carpet.

So the next time you are tempted to visit KSP, thinking you are going to get a bargain, think again. All you will get is ripped off and if you attempt a refund, really pissed off.

Oh yes. I did contact them and they stand by this stupidity by using the defense that it keeps their prices down.

You want good quality kitchen stuff? Go to the Cook s Nook, just a few steps away. Prices are a bit higher but the quality is so superior and they are very reasonable about refunds.

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